How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Calm down señor... just digress... don't jump the gun.. you gyz aren't even talking about the topic at hand anymore..just busy cussing... act with rationality and digress brother
Lol Uhh I have been quiet civil Have you not seen our posts, they differ distinctly, I've barely resorted to insulting, while he's full blown done so.
Be real dude. I'm am calm. I'm laughing at his insanity.
Nice try atleast try to bring up manga facts
There a different power
Thanks for confirming

Author :
WB crew vs Defence : Marine HQ + Shichibukai

ANd then all the admirals went on to make the strongest pirate kiss his deathbed
Nah WB went there to die after he got stabbed So are u saying that Sengoku is a liar

And you use his statements as facts let's not talk about someone who cursed WB while kissing the ground :josad:
And Mihawk :josad:
The moment where the World Government doesn't care about abolishing Mihawk but says Kuzan was a great-loss
you've been a easy low-diff for today
don't make me pull up the
It's the Countries that control the WG that want to abolish it whilst Akainu didn't want that and wanted to let them be a great force supporting them are u calling Akainu crazy for that .
You are just a kid to me you need to train to be on my level i body u each time :josad:
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