How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Law and Kid portrayed to be Luffy's rival? Lol they're Luffy's henchmen. One get ordered to go down, he go down. The other one currently trying to prevent BM from disturbing Captain Luffy's fight. So much for "I'll kill Kaidou".

Before, people always said they're stronger than Zoro by portrayal. But not anymore. So based on feat Zoro is stronger than both of them. No portrayal can save them this time.
Killer >>>> RS Sanji

Killer fight against Hawkins doesn't make him weaker than Sanji. That dude already nerfed enough. He tanked every attacm from two yonko one the roof. Now he tanked a new lightning from Big Mom. Sanji tanked enel? Really? Are we talking about BM lighting on the same level of pre ts enel's lighting? Lol

Killer >>> Sanji until Sanji get more feat to say otherwise
Nah, Sanji beaten PO and tanked and bend King's Beak and yet he still walking around fine.

Bruh just admit on faults as you been getting wrong since 'Blacktooth' stuff and now wrong again on who PO going to be facing.

Sanji is over Killer especially if he struggles with Hawkins.
Kidd and killer tanking yonko attacks casually?

Seems like the scars and wounds they have wasn’t just for design but to show how tough they are
I wouldn't put too much stock into taking yonko attacks anymore It's not scalable and totally up to plot. You might find yourself in a corner because of possible future events lol, Oda is doing whatever he wants however he wants without much care about consistency.
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