How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Kidd will try to make a deal with BM then return to face Kaido

he's not fighting her

before Kidd came to this raid he only planned to face Kaido, he didn't know about BM , I truly believe he can do better against Kaido than BM because he's secretly more prepared for it
so it appears that big mom quote about morals was about herself, meaning she must return the kindness of okoburi town folk
i appreciate that:cheers:

ussop is fucking useless as always, so hr gets new powerful attacks out of nowhere, bullshit as always

i had a feeling that kid was knocked out and released zeus, looks like i wasn't that far off

i don't give a shit about killer and hawkins
then why would drake join luffy if he knew luffy was gonna die?,, i think its law
Because it was his last hope. It was either dying at the hands of the allies or beast pirates, or take the only chance you have at living and side with Straw Hat

plus the viz translation implies Hawkins didn't tell Drake who it was
Nah, Sanji beaten PO and tanked and bend King's Beak and yet he still walking around fine.

Bruh just admit on faults as you been getting wrong since 'Blacktooth' stuff and now wrong again on who PO going to be facing.

Sanji is over Killer especially if he struggles with Hawkins.
Page One? The weakest f6? Lol
Tanked King no named attack? Lol He almost died if not because of Raid Suit. Without the suit, he got knocked down by gifter.

Killer tanked yonkos named attack.

Yonkos named attack >>>>>>> King no named attack /Page One
More details from redon in piratekinges forum

-Hawkins overtakes them and attacks Kid with his "Warabide Tou" (Hand Sword Provided with Straw). Kid manages to dodge the attack and Hawkins stands before them.
-Killer tells Kid that he will stay fighting Hawkins and that he is going to stop Big Mom, since they cannot allow her to run free around there. Kid leaves chased by several of Kaidou's subordinates.
-Hawkins transforms into a huge voodoo doll.

-Ulti: "My Brother..."
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