How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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This might actually be the best Big Mom chapter imo.
I hope Big Mom crush that discount Zinedine Zidane nxt:stealthblack:She has been chatting hella smack since her introduction, where did all that swagger go??:myman:
Kid and Killer run downstairs to find Big Mom and prevent her from going back to join Kaidou. They run into a group of Kaidou's men and Hawkins. Hawkins attack both Kid and Killer. Kid calls Hawkins traitor but Hawkins replies that he's also betrayed by Apoo but he just prefer to not fight a battle he can't win.
So according to HAWKINS, the battle has been lost since the beginning.
LMAO, how strong is KAIDO and BM ?????????
Usopp and Nami feels guilty they can't make Tama feel safe. Usopp then attacks Page One with a new attack called "Hanabi Bana" (Fireworks Flowers) making Page One fall to the ground. He then follows with another new attack called "Baku Bokkuri" (Exploding Pinecone) creating huges explosions.
Usopp doing great by his standards I'm excited to see his new attack :catrude:
Kid is definitely going to indirectly save Ulti and Page One from being killed by Big Mom. That Kid fan was on point in theorizing that
Yeah, the way this is going I highly doubt BM stays entirely on their side. Shes just super chaotic and Kid is probably going to do something that instigates a further fight.

Very clearly though Nami is going to get Zeus now, it was cool that Law teleported Zeus to keep her from the roof. Big Mom is going to disown him and he'll go back to Nami.

What makes me nervous though is hopefully that wasn't the extent of Usopp's "fight". With Nami getting Zeus soon, I just hope both Ulti and P1 aeenr done. It was a few attacks sure, but P1 never really showed off his hybrid outside of 1 attack to Sanji.

I'll be patient though, hopefully they are fine next chap
If Luffy beat Kaidou one on one. Doesn't thay make him the strongest creature? He outstrength Kaidou + he tanked Kaidou's attack while Kaidou couldn't tank his punch?
no, kaido fought nine scabbards, other 4 SNs and then now luffy in matter of hours. its more like 14v1.
he wont become the strongest if we wins. well, unless you think other attacks did nothing to kaido


-Killer tells Kid that he will stay fighting Hawkins and that he is going to stop Big Mom

LMAOO It seems killer also want to stop big mom.

I think the Korean leak also stated that. But when I shared this, my message was deleted as it looked ridiculous.
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