How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Killer and Zoro's attack >>>>>> whatever gifter attack that Sanji tanked.

Sanji fainted from yeti coll brother too. Zoro protect him and brook by destroying the sharp cliff.

Sanji wasn't nerfed. He just weak. How can he broke his bone from no named non haki attack? Even law who was almost dead didn’t get his bone crushed by haki and bamboo Vergo. Killer >>> Sanji. Sanji don't have any feat to be over Killer.
Nah, Zoro and Sanji are equals and they are above Killer.

In Nami's body. You expect him to fight like it was his own body? Zoro has his own body and got beaten by them. No excuse on him.

He was nerfed. He came from switching and yet he still damage Vergo despite that and not at full power. Law got beaten around by Vergo and soon defeat him, so Idk what you mean that there. Sanji >>> Killer, bruh. Idk why your acting like this and still can't admit fault.
Not counter. I think it said proficient Observation is needed to even fight him.
Kizaru also has Haki, is faster than Luffy, has much better stamina, AOE and lethality with his sword.

Any of C3 are too deadly for Luffy. You forget that Haki runs out, now tie that up with Luffy's gears and It gets worse.

Definitely ain't beating Akainu, that's for sure
Here’s the thing tho right. We saw Luffy take multiple attacks (like 4-5) from Kizaru pre timeskip during Marineford and he was fine. I know a big part of that was PIS, but even then, his lethality really shouldn’t be a problem to this current Luffy, who can probably push Kaido beyond hybrid.
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