How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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It is just shitty writing, I don´t said this often but that is really trash writiing.
Tama overshinning all strawhats expect Luffy and Zoro, a 8year old girl without any fight experince overshinning everyone with plotarmors out of her ass.

-Smile get hyped and Kaido working over years to build his army
Result: Get destroyed and humalited by a 8year old girl

-Big mom a yonkou chasing Luffy for destroying her hometome
Result: Get portrayal badly and helping a enemy´s friend, helping the strawhats

This is a joke and judging by the reaction everyone hating this shit.
I apologize Jerami, this is really not better as what Mashima did with Fairy tail.
Oda was never going to have Luffy fight Big Mom because she is a woman. He punched page one and bidy slammed ulti. He body slammed the boa sisters as well


If Page One gets back up next chapter we will have to accept the fact that Sanji really escaped death in their first encounter.:shame:
Also if he is actually KOed by it, CoC supremacy will run wild af..:kata:
or we can just see the difference between Sanji and P1 is like the difference between BM and Queen
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