How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Wasn't Big Mom the one who talked shit to kid Pudding but now she suddenly has a special side to kids lile Tama?

This chapter is bullshit, BM's character is bullshit, after two chaprers in a row of straight fire, we are back to a garbage chapter like this. :crazwhat:

Like what's so difficult just to have 2 Emperors flat out beaten by the new rising generation? Is it because thw auhor can't blow anyone but the MC only with power ups? Fuck this shit.
Big Mom was put in Wano to save the strawhats not named Luffy. She is a woman so, Luffy would not have fought her due to Oda's not putring women in fights.
Killer fans this is all your fault you should never hype him up to be above yc1

I mean.... a Killer fan could spin this to say that "Killer is taking on the captain of one of the supernova."

Before this arc I would be a believer that Zoro could probably take on a supernova captain... Zoeo already had his run in with Hawkins & now its Killers turn.
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