How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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I dont know why people jump to conclusion after every fucking chapter, let the things happen

I am not a hardcore kid fan but he may fight big mom & if big mom is going down in wano then kid will be the reason for it.

May be someone will assist him. My bet is on jinbe
Who's who will fight someone else. Jinbe might know something about bm's weakness.

& Bmp are gonna fight too.

Matchups are not set in stone.
Roger never used his real CoC power, thw power he used to Match Whitebeard using the Gura Gura no mi.

That is the power that only CoC specialists aka Roger, Luffy, Shanks and Dragon will use.
What? That was a coc clash.......what do you mean by coc specialist? Thats headcanon.....roger can easily have df...... luffy has one too
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