How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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So, Nami is basically moments away from getting Zeus. Killer v Hawkins seems to be a real fight, nice.

Is Law planning to come back on the roof?

Anyway, I wanna see a bit of Kid v BM, I hope Oda doesn't switch to other stuff right now.
People exaggerating this advanced CoC stuff... P1 will be fine. Luffy has no other means of penetrating Kaido's skin, say like Law, so that's why CoC cover is crucial for him.

However, that doesn't mean it's some amazing magic that automatically destroys everyone.
Zoro, coating his Swords with CoA and hitting Killer who wasn't using CoA to defend himself, didn't scar him.

Zoro using CoC in his attack scarred Kaido.

I'd say CoC imbued attacks are a pretty big deal.
I guess you could see it in two ways regarding Big Mom and Tama.

She might genuinely have morals, albeit a bit twisted. The people in Tottoland were living happily in a great country and she did care about their wellbeing. You could say it is similar to a socialist country where everybody has it good as long as they pay high taxes (1/6 of their lifespan) and are wary of the odd tantrum/disaster created by the leader/dictator (Big Moms hungerpangs). All in all it is probably one of the safest, cleanest, happiest places in the New World but of course not without it's obvious flaws.

The other way I see it is she either has PTSD/blocked out emotions from eating her friends or they "live on inside of her" making her have several "personalities".
if Tama tried to tame BM infront of Kaido then proceeds to get smashed by Kaido wouldve made Luffy go Gon mode and Unlock his EoS potential right on the spot then Wano ends in 2 chapters
Oda baited us and gave false hope for Usopp vs Page One. :josad:

It was obvious Ulti no diffed them and Pageone who casually sent RS Sanji flying is not losing to a weakling + Robin and Brook are teaming up against Maria so don't be surprised if the injured Denjiro ended up helping Franky Sasaki wants to make him pay for what he did.
Only Jinbei will solo his opponent maybe Chopper can beat Pageone now he is not injured unlike Pageone
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