How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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the build up phase will end soon

Oda is planning for Sanji, Yamato and the Scabbards to meet, along with Law and Zolo

then the twist happen , all these characters will meet and will be revealed to have a history with some major player called Shiki

on the other hand Marco and all SHs will be dealt with
With Franky or the team Brook+Robin you can imagine they could defeat a strong opponent.
But kinda I don´t get the feeling from Nami and Usopp even though Nami with zeus could became really op while Usopp looking really not good yet.
I'm not even talking about defeating, but we know hybrid Ulti got stunted ans hurt acting like Page One cant be damaged/stopped at all is bs, sorry.
I don't like Luffy in base form being equal to Kaido here. This pretty much cements him as Yonko level at this point. Where does he go from here? How does he grow? I think Kaido has something else up his sleeve, maybe awakening or some other power. Kaido's defeat should be at the hands of all the Supernovas.
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