How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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I don't like Luffy in base form being equal to Kaido here. This pretty much cements him as Yonko level at this point. Where does he go from here? How does he grow? I think Kaido has something else up his sleeve, maybe awakening or some other power. Kaido's defeat should be at the hands of all the Supernovas.
He's going to surpass Roger... What do you mean? He still has aways to go.
No matter what Oda does, the Anime watchers tards will always like it like bro why the fuck make luffy 1v1 Kaido base form, months ago he was getting his ass cheeks clapped by fucking caesar and doflamingo the fuck
Page One is being treated as Oven in this arc aka the punching bag.
First Sanji, then Nami and Usopp, now Big Mom.

Yet, Oven was stated to be the most robust among Charlotte children. Even without the official statement, his physical build already looks like it compared the likes of Cracker, Perospero and Daifuku.

But Page One seems is not the tankiest among Beast Pirates. Forget Kaido and Calamities, he probably isn't the tankiest even among Flying Six. From the build, racial, DF, and armored troops he leads, Sasaki seems to be the most tankiest among F6. Built bigger than Page One in human form, fishman, triceratops who have thick skin, and the leader of armored troops. Gonna be hype when Zolo finally defeats the tanker among F6.
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