How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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People were trashing on Katakuri because he fought base Luffy for hours, now people realise how powerful MC's plotarmor really is. :myman:
Yeah this is too much now

Luffy is invincible
He went from not being able to do anything in g4 to fight hybrid Kaido in base because he got hit by ragnarok..what kind of shitty writting is this ?
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Headcanon destroyed.
non G4 Luffy was fighting Kaido with red roc and redhawk, without adv CoC.
G4 DOMINATED Dragon Kaido while haki stamina lasted, G4 jumped pre adv CoC Luffy from being decently below Kaido to being decently above him.
Stop being dumb
Luffy wasnt doing shit to Kaido lmfao
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