How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Zoro displayed a level of defensive output it is debatable whether or not Tankman Luffy would attain. Better reaction speeds FS notwithstanding either way :kayneshrug:

Crazy offensive output given he presumably permanently scarred Koido despite standing with presumable broken bones and definitely very low stamina.
Luffy has better conqueror’s, better observation, better armament, gear 4, and is about to take down KAIDO in a one on one.

Let’s stop the bullshit. Luffy is pretty far ahead of all of peers right now.
Sanji and Zoro are still in commander territory strength-wise.
And we all know what happens when a Yonko fights a commander...

Luffy >>>>> Zoro > Sanji.
zoro is not commander level lmfao he did what another top tier did to kaido
zoro also had his body broken
this was hybrid kaido to
imagine thinking after those feats zoro still commander level delusional
let s not forget hakai
I swear you all like to overexaggerate things...when Luffy was down, he was trashed like anything and when Luffy was up and fighting finally he is supposed to do, still people trashing.....:lusalty:

I already said before penetration haki can deal more damage even in base it became reality and people are surprised...and moreover, it is just Luffy matching Kaido swings aka his is not as if base Luffy dominating Kaido...anyways good to see that base Luffy became stronger......

you all need to realize that Luffy is a CoC him using CoC is not so surprising......and no wonder even Admirals had to be shocked when Luffy has shown CoC in marineford for the first time......anyways go on Luffy cry against Luffy irrespective of his good or bad feats...:holdthisl::akasalt:
that panel looks dope...needed colored version......

And BigMom is damn good in this chapter.....Kidd will go after BigMom and maybe prevent her unknowingly from helping Tama....
So this is what Oda meant by Luffy is a CoC specialist :christindeed::hohoho:


Lazy is the way
Aside from Big Mom turning into a potential ally, this chapter was fine. 8/10 seems good.
I don’t think so...

Luffy and Kaido clashing equally with Luffy new toy... : don’t like it
Page one being a sitting duck against Nami/Ussop : don’t like it
Big mom new mother mode and hurting PO : don’t like it
BM using COC + Haki against PO while she trashed Queen Dino with bare fist is weird
Kid and Killer being barely bruised by BM monster attack, really ?

overall I have real problems with this chapter
Sure sure akainu vs sabo eos kek
Nah kaido has powerful ranged attacks like hakai under his belt + awakening will take g5 luffy to defeat kaido most likely or a new form
Proving his WSC title is right..........besides luffy needs this powerup.........he is going to fight BB next who can have 3 dfs or 2dfs + awakening........
yeah BB prob stomps kaido
if luffy is competing in base
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