How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Was that clash between Luffy and Kaido supposed to parallel WB Vs Roger..??
Yeah, Page One is down for sure. AdvCoA+AdvCoC+Big Mom's Monstrous Strength = Sure Shot Knock Out
If not then Ancient Zoan endurance > any Top Tiers endurance. :pepapoo:
well you can say that kid and Killer were temporarily down.. plus we can also argue that the distance of influence matters.. since he was father away from the box.. its magnetic influence was weaker than his metal arm... it is alright to give it the benefit of the doubt
i did consider the fact that distance could've played a role in that case, but why didn't that happen before big mom attacks.
he's even still dragging behind him the scrap metal from the rooftop

i knew one piece has given up on logic a long time ago, but i didn't expect it to reach this level
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