How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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i did consider the fact that distance could've played a role in that case, but why didn't that happen before big mom attacks.
he's even still dragging behind him the scrap metal from the rooftop

i knew one piece has given up on logic a long time ago, but i didn't expect it to reach this level
yea coz he was actively attracting them and like he was holding on to the Box.. but he lost control over most due to BM's attack.. since his metal arm is where he focuses more then its understandable, and since he and killer got shot through the roof... so its adequate to say he lost control over things he was attracting with his metal arm
Nami used her climat tact as a bo staff and then cry about doing non damage when this happened like 5 minutes ago

Guess antagonists aren't the only ones getting dumbed down by plot:seriously:
Because Nami's strong attacks need set up? Like are you reading One Piece with your eyes or ....

She always uses it as a Bo in close combat
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