How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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and in tama's case ig its patent that once a gifters eats her dango they wilk be under her commander regardless of whether she is knocked or not.. just like how Speed was still her servant after Tama got knocked by kaido

this "influence" works differently for different DF.. in kid's case its obvious that to attract scrap he'll have to focus his DF and magnetically attract them.. so logical when he looses his focus he looses his grip on them
looking back at 1008 it could be a special box that needs specific requirement to work, big mom's punch did nothing but this thunder attack did
or it can be like you said kid's influence over it got weakened because he's indoors now maybe the walls had something to do with that
No indication.
No Future Sight.
No Advanced Ryou.
No CoC, let alone Advanced.
Unable to fodderise YCs.
Hawkins's stat comparison of Kaido and Kizaru.
Apoo afraid of going against Yonko, while brazenly sought out and attacked Kizaru.
Doffy unafraid of facing AdmiraLs while pissed his pants at the thought of Kaido's anger.
Orochi openly declaring Larines can do nothing to take Wano as long as Kaido is ruling.
Gorosei treat Shanks with respect while make Bakainu their Bitch.'
Aokiji working under BB.
no future sight?as far as I know aokiji took haki imbued attack through his body and was still alive, only explanation I can see is future sight
advanced ryuo:suresure:even sentomaru has that
COC maybe idk
Unable to fodderise YCs, by that logic Mihawk is not the top tier because he was unable to fodderise Vista(a commander)
Kaido was there to recruit hawkins and kidd whereas kizaru was just chilling and wasnt even in mood to capture them just one kick and he was roaming around
Doffy unafraid of facing admirals😂🤣 he was shitting his pants after aokiji appeared at PH and he knew fujitora would do him nothing serious because he is a warlord
As if orochi knows anything about Marines, he knows no TT other than kaido and oden lol
We dont know the truth about shanks
Aokiji might be on secret mission in BB's crew
DF just works, they don't need focus, still it require some thinking and training to get used to once the user achieved that it just becomes muscle memory, take cracker for example he just creates a strong looking soldiers with just a clap giving them strong haki and unlimited stamina, doflamingo's awakening didn't look like a focus demanding process, it just works
now law could be wrong and kid intentionally released zeus because he thinks it's not a threat any more, being weakened just looks like a poor excuse to me
Yea those are DF, Coker is an artist, Doffy kinds does focus.. its not like he unconsciously controls the strings..

But the point remains that Kid's DF works at will if it didn't then he'd be actively attracting every scrap around him.. so that does need focus...

what law said was right from my perspective since said that kid's influence over the box diminished due to lack of control, and not him getting Shocked to an extreme extent or getting knocked out completely
So, mihawk WSS is a joke too...wouldnt that make zoro dream a joke as well or some double standard is needed here...

Kaido strongest creature is NOT actually strongest
Mihawk strongest swordman IS actually strongest swordman that stands above every swordman.
Except there is a massive problem with this type of assumption because it acts anyone who picks up a sword is automatically shit if they fought Mihawk.

I'm not saying Mihawk isn't one of the strongest characters in the world, but this is precisely the Shanks vs Mihawk discussion every time. Neither have lost to the other yet one has the title. Is it even fair to say Shanks is weaker than Mihawk if we can't even say for sure Mihawk has won or was it because they stopped fighting entirely due to his arm? Is it fair to say Mihawk is weaker or stronger based on a title and not defined history and examples?

Like, hypothetically, what are people going to say if Luffy and Zoro fight Shanks and Mihawk in the EoS respectively? What if Shanks just fights different from Mihawk? Are we just going to have constant reactionary discussions about a title instead of understanding what we read on a page?

Same shit is happening now with Luffy and Kaido. Because of a title, people can't even process this 1v1 and call it garbage lol. Its ONLY going to get worse.
Lol it's funny how the same crowd that were saying Kamazo is as strong as killer despite having bandages, broken will and not his own weapon are arguing like he is a cripple now after taking some bruises
Hawkins is already in bandages and hasn't healed
Killer is a bit bruised
There isn't much diffrence in their condition
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