How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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well most of onigashima hasnt been offpanneled. so why would it be now?
It's an annoying ass stigma that people won't remove from their heads. Virtually none of Wano has been offscreened when it comes to meaningful events and fights so far.

What gets offscreened are upper tier fights that Oda wasn't ready to show (years ago, now it's different) or things that didn't matter in the long run (Kiku fighting Kanjuro because he's back up, Mink Kings fighting Jack cause he's back up, Sanji vs P1 because he was totally fine at Onigashima).

Like I don't even expect P1 to be down still at this point, even though it WAS on screen
Kaido doesn't have ADCOA too. His attacks aren't touching either. That's just how COC works.
Kaido attack is pure CoC just like Roger Vs WB

but true ... CoC and CoA are confusing as fuck at this point
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at least in the op world the WG will be the strongest generation ever, in the real world we have the weakest
old gen is gen of quality
Yes, otherwise Luffy would have been too broken.
Current unlimited G4 + G4 switching = Yonko level.
You think? :wonderland:
We saw that physical strength from G4 does nothing by itself except moving Kaido around.
The key is haki and his haki is the same in base and G4.
So even with perma G4, he would still deal the same damage since the tossing Kaido around does nothing.
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