How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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her attacks are 100% just like Luffy's ... and Luffy is using Ryu + CoC​
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no way mate ... Yamato is top 5 if not 3 ... in last month Yamato fandom KILLED it
Yamato ain’t cracking top 5, Luffy Zoro Sanji and Law are guaranteed to be in the top 4. Ace being number 5 is more likely
It's the same stamina/willpower thing as ever, though. Like Luffy can run out in ten minutes but keep getting it back to fight all through a night, or he can be wiped out by Lucci then get up to throw an attack way stronger than the ones before. It's just shonen stuff
Then Haki should have never had a "limit".
Stamina/willpower = plot armor tbh

Yes it's Shonem but hurts the story when it can't be at least subtle lol


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Xebec is dead but Shiki is probably still around. He's getting setup in wano again with the old lady transforming into him, and the rocks pirates stuff bringing him up. He's gonna be in whatever rocks flashback happens. I think he's possibly blackbeards 10th captain
I also can possibly see the latter alive, hope there will be place for him to show up again and not end up like Post TS Kong. :josad:

50-50 is my current very rough bet for him to show up. More chances that he is alive however.
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