How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Page one; oh that’s big mom !! Just in time! :yasu:
Page one; hey! don’t let them escape!! :kobeha:

BM; you bastards….there are morals among criminals….Even in the cruel world of pirates :endthis:

Charlotte Winwin is all about that action :steef::steef:
big mums words kinda remembers me on another quote:

Compared to the "righteous" greed of the rulers, the criminals of the world seem much more honorable. When scum rules the world, only more scum is born.“
Kidd haters gonna really exposing themselves like I said would happen. They don’t want him to even fight big mom.

you guys are making it way too obvious
as if it wasnt obvious before
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Usopp : What’s with these dinosaur power users
Page one : That nose bastard!!!

didnt ussop say lizard?


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And we've seen ADCOA which is not supposed to touch the target touch Kaido like 100 times already. It was just one of these inconsistencies Oda has with Haki.

Yeah, Kid needs more strong members if he's gonna keep up with ma boy Luffy. This theory gets my support. :cheers:

Killer was amazing in this chapter.
Inconsistency or not. You can't deny that Adv COA is a prerequisite to be able to use this form of COC. The first time advanced COA is demonstrated by Hyo, he blasts Alpacaman with a shockwave without making contact with him. It's more likely that there are more ways to use the concept of flow than having it not touch all the time. Even the diagrams Hyo show and Luffy's punch to the tree are fairly consistent.

The act of not touching has been signaled as an ADV COA thing. It's only more evident/noteworthy when you mix it with Conquerors because again, Ragnarok and Thunder Bagua are Adv COC attacks yet, they make contact unless ADV COA is used.

Even if you find an inconsistency in that all of this the main point remains.

To Coat yourself in COC you must know ADV COA because it is about the concept of letting Haki flow. Without it, you can't do what Luffy, Kaido, Linlin, Roger/WB have done.
@Gol D. Roger

The internal penetration of ACOA (Ryou), is already exaggerated for anyone other than KAIDO or BM, in fact ACOA will mess with (cause serious damage, in other characters) them, but the simple fact that you need to combine ADCOC and ACOA to try to cause damage that are effective in KAIDO at the end of the day, already makes KAIDO a step above other ADCOC users in terms of difficulty in defeating it. That is why those who do not (do not have) ADCOC are more likely to hit someone like SHANKS, rather than KAIDO.
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