How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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The matchups haven't been finished because Oda needed to set everyone's fight with Kaido first. Scabbards, Supernovas and now Luffy. Now he will be in his way of finishing all matchups so the Arc can progress, Kid vs Big Mom, Killer vs Hawkins taking Page One out so Usopp and Nami can take care of Ulti.
The next ones should Law's matchup and Sanji's, the final matchup of the Arc will probably be Zoro's opponent.
Straight up lies lol. He couldn’t defeat Oden or Lin Lin so I have no idea where his nonsense title comes from.
Kaido defeated Oden, you mean ''Kaido couldn't defeat Oden without cheating''? Cheating is what Larines does all the time, now you think cheating doesn't count... Interesting. Then Kizaru couldn't defeat Marco and Aokiji couldn't defeat Jozu without cheating.

Kaido showed superiority to Linlin on the rooftop, she needed saving while falling, and they decided to end their fight to join forces, no one said Kaido couldn't beat her.

I’m just telling you what happened lol. The Marines captured Kaido without even any Admirals present, and then made him Vegapunk’s lab rat. The strongest Yonko in action.
Source is your butt?
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