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One Piece - Chapter 1012
Title : Itch
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Love the interaction between Nami Big Mom and Ulti.

Ulti super confident. Setting up a 2vs1 with usopp and sanji vs ulti?

Seems this wano war is setting up a lot of 2vs1, big mom vs kid and law, kaido vs luffy and yamato, brook and robin vs black maria and so forth.

Interested how it will end up.

Loved also the sanji Zoro interaction, seems like we are setting up the last chess pieces for this arc.
Great chapter.

Law is going to where Big Mom is so he might help Kidd out fighting her.

Yamato is itching for a fight oh damn I am excited to see her Powers. (Yamato and Luffy vs Kaido ) & (Law and Kidd vs Big Mom) maybe?

I have been missing those Sanj/Zoro interactions hope we some of that on the Live floors. I love the faith they have in their captain.
(Sanji carrying around Zoro as a bandaged up cross was hilarious)

I am happy to see Big Mom won’t just be allied to the Straw Hats just because of her “mother mode”

The comedy was hilarious in this chapter.

(Ulti with them balls standing upto Big Mom like that)
Nami out here about to “Open a Can of Whoop-Ass” damn she also got Ulti good at the end there.
Short but enjoyable chapter. Kid with his best construct thus far, sadly only for show in the cover.:wellwell:

Playing musical chairs in Wano. We're in a bit of a transition period here as the recovered Scabbards, the rooftop fighters and others get shuffled around the stage into new match ups. Kin and Kiku tagteam Kanjuro as the time jumpers who didn't skip 20 years of seeing Kanjuro's face have the strongest connection to his recent betrayal. Yamato with a cute makeshift doll finally heads for the roof, giving hybrid Kaido some hope that Luffy is not quite on his level. Denjiro, Kawamatsu and Izo, who might be sorry he didn't send a single letter to Wano via Marcomail in the last 25 years, all head for the main stage. Denjiro meeting his old buddy Sasaki? Then we have Neko and Shishilian, abandoning Inuarashi to Jack, so they can pick on Perospero. :absojustice:The Mink tribe is absolutely determined to hand justice to Perospero for Pedro's suicide. I would personally prefer the 8th ranked character on the global poll to finish the fight she started.

Roronoa Zoro, lord and savior of Wano, has been crucified for our sins. Law and Zoro drop in the middle of Sanji still deciding on his match up, only for Doctor Law to dip out and leave his patient in Sanji's hands. Just some broken bones, nothing a little bandage magic and milk can't take care of.
So Zoro ends up on a cross following Yasu, Momo, and Sanji a little while ago. When you're in Wano, you crucify and chill. It's funny but sweet seeing the bros back together for a little banter. It gives me the impression that whenever Zoro wakes up and recovers possibly with one of Sanji's special recipes, they could engage King and Queen as a pair. Law going to help Kid against Big Mom is also good vibes as they could accomplish something without outshining Luffy. Law's spatial abilities and Kid's magnetism, as we saw in the roof, can combine really well to mess up Big Mom's plans and deliver the most creative fight of the bunch.

Big Mom: the wild card in the deck of Onigashima. I like that Nami's gag of trying to ally with her enemies allows Big Mom to clarify her new position. As a Yonko with only minor injuries, she has more than enough power to act as an independent third faction with Perospero. And it could just as easily change on her childish whim, making her the unpredictable menace. While rare maskless Ulti could have just gotten one paged by Big Mom, she makes a wise move instead to target Tama - the vulnerable little kid behind the SMILE betrayal and Big Mom's mother mode. But knocking out Tama wouldn't deactivate anything as Speed remained brainwashed after Kaido attacked them. Komachiyo takes Ulti's silly but inaccurate ricochet missile and Tama gets a bloody slap, activating Nami's own mother mode. The Bellemere inside her, her development involving the children in Punk Hazard, Nami finally stops playing games and thunderbolts Ulti. She brings the comedy, the stand up moments, the fried lizards to dinner, the way this cat burglar stole that #3 poll spot doesn't surprise me.:catsweat:

Next chapter, I could see the Hera and Zeus drama playing out as Nami's fight starts again. Usopp and Nami combined fared poorly against Page One, but Usopp may leave anyway to take Tama to the place she needs to be while Nami remains behind. Big Mom lending her reject Zeus to Nami so she can avenge Tama would be interesting, because otherwise that cloud is losing its soul. Hopefully Big Mom on the prowl is stopped by Kid and Law or at least Perospero.
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