Who will Knock Out Sanji?

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No, he mistake was that he didn't kill him and let him fall.

That's the mistake, not fighting Luffy.

With Luffy he's gotten excited, so much so that he ended up going too far and breaking him fast.

He didn't do that with Zoro.
? That's not what he said. He said the mistake was getting excited that luffy would be a challenge but he was mistaken.
Not that he broke him fast. He hasn't broken him.
Luffy had the most help and still lost.
I'm telling you, Kid won't be defeating Big Mom unless Hawkins, Killer, Law join him.
They will join him. And in the end Luffy will be by his side to take down Big Mom as well. Kidd will also be by Luffy’s side to take down Kaido.

Luffy and Kidd vs a weakened Kaido and Big Mom.

2v2. I’ve been saying this. Who said Kidd is going to solo Big Mom?
? That's not what he said. He said the mistake was getting excited that luffy would be a challenge but he was mistaken.
Not that he broke him fast. He hasn't broken him.
Did he get excited with Zoro?
He got excited with Luffy and got more serious and beat him.

That's a fact no?
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so you telling me if luffy had picked up 3 swords he would have blocked hakai?? 🤦‍♂️
Bro, ofc not. He isnt a trained swordsman. Zoro trained all his life.

Im saying that Weapons> Not Weapons when it comes to blocking attacks.
You are like the 5th person who ask me that, everytime someone does i answer the same...

Break some teeth, break some bones, brreak the horns in his costume....Anything that would indicate some real damage.

Luffy didnt do anything like that yet, its factual that Zoro did more damage than Luffy at this point.
Kaido is still bruised from Luffy's G4 gattling.
Kaido didn't break any of Luffy's bones either.
A surface level flesh wound that wasn't enough to take Kaido down TEMPORARILY unlike G4 Gattling, is not real damage, and wasn't enough to satisfy Zoro.
Luffy's hits shocking and knocking Kaido over using adv CoC did more relevant damage.
Do you think Kaido was disappointed in Luffy because Zoro set his expectations too high?
Yeah because look at how much dignity Zoro was knocked out
He blocked an attack that even Kaido won't be able ot block
Then after all that Kaido got same kinda treatment from Zoro that Oden did.

Zoro is the only guy Kaido respected before Knocking out on panel besides Oden

Scabbards were disrespected
Luffy was disrespected

Zoro : "You have already done enough, if you join me we'd take over the world together"

Real respects real
Top tier respects top tier and treats scrubs like scrubs
Excited for what ? He was excited by all of them at the start when he was laughing.
Zoro did the most damage on the roof
Zoro saved the most times on the roof.
Kaido corrected and commended zoros feat
Kaido corrected and condemned luffys performance
Oh come on dude, its clear he's gotten more serious here and ended up beating Luffy too fast.

Meaning the version of him they fought before was holding back.
That Kaido wasn't using ACoC and was holding back, here we see he got a bit excited (thus more serious) and destroyed Luffy.

Therefore whatever Zoro did is lesser than what Luffy took, with the exception of Hakai.
Zoro literally used AdvCoC on thunder bagua and still failed to K.O broken bones ZOro
If it wasn't for Hakai, Zoro would take 20 of those
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