Who will Knock Out Sanji?

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Luffy endured 20 hours of torture and poison, it's not like people are crazy for thinking his will an endurance are on the same level as Zoro.

Thanks for bringing this up. I stand corrected somewhat. This is a great show of endurance, but it's pretty difficult to compare the two since the type of pain are completely incomparable. Both have monster endurance regardless.
Law does not say that. He asks if he is ok, suggesting that he tried to save Zoro. Zoro was shown beside law away from the trajectory of the attack and that too in an incapacitated position.

LMAO 🤣🤣. Your headcanon spewing is amazing. Tell me why was Zoro near Law, away from the trajectory of the attack? And that too in a lying down position?

Your takes basis are just your wishful headcanon. I know that you hate Kaido to the core.
Pot calling kettle headcanon

You can see the shiver marks around Zoro aka him being engulfed in the attack. Law literally states he took the attack asking how he could even still be fighting. Whatever happens after that is irrelevant because the attack is already over
Don’t know or care if anyone else has addressed this - Nami got her big moment against Ulti to end the last chapter, and this one begins with...Ulti shrugging the big attack off and getting wiped out by Linlin anyway. Great character development for one of the protagonists, Oda!! Let’s see some more of that Mother mode, huh?! :hapnoel:
Why not declare Big Mom an ally, does he think the audience is dumb?
Actually by kaidos own words he corrected zoro bemoaning he couldn't knock him down and that he did more than enough by scarring him
And with luffy he admitted he was disappointed and made a mistake.
kaido never said he was disappointed, he said he got too excited fighting luffy, for Zoro he just called it a pain in the ass

luffy ap still greater than zoro...luffy is treating kaidos skin as normal with adv coc while zoro had to use all his strength to scar kaido

I keep on saying this zoro only blocked hakai for a second and almost got killed if not for law

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Zoro literally used AdvCoC on thunder bagua and still failed to K.O broken bones ZOro
If it wasn't for Hakai, Zoro would take 20 of those
panel of zoro not being knocked out before sanji fixed him??

zoro got knocked out by thunder bagua...law is the only person to be hit without getting knocked out
Lmao like the zkk crowd? Zoro is gona kill king and then go up to the roof and finish kaido off right ?

Attention span so short that you didn't notice that they mentioned how injured sanji was before the vergo clash. And you act like a small fracture like that means anything while simultaneously talking like zoro having 30 broken bones is nothing to him. The hypocrisy :gokulaugh:

Zoro isn't fighting king with 30 broken bones. In your wettest wildest dreams is zoro gona get a legit 1v1 with the 1st commander in his condition. To top it off the most underdeveloped enemy in the arc who needs to showcase his strength the most. Zoro isn't in a condition to be that showcase. Zoro is gona get healed and 1-2 shot a injured queen. Which is already better than just fighting king like sanji will so I don't get the salt. Sanji vs king is the Easiest prediction of the arc at this point. No need to drop the series.
Oda isn't adding in throwaway lines (Queen's connection to Judge) to have your candiboi get wrecked by King.
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