Who will Knock Out Sanji?

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I'm not afraid to deliver this fat W to Kaido he really earned

That being said. Now Zoro was undeniably the most impress one on the roof, like, you can't even deny that.

Either way the alliance needs the Marines to come and help them unless Big mom goes full retard mode and 1v1s Kaido for a bit.
Marco seemingly coudn't come and then came, the marines now seemingly can't come. I think that in this case as well it could very well be just a misdirection from Oda that wants us to think that they won't come to give a surprise effect. There is also CP0 there who is following the battle and could call them.

If they arrive, prepare for Greenbull :cheers:
Just a reminder that several tens of minutes has passed since Sanji caught Zoro and Law, which means that Luffy probably has fought Kaidou for 20-30 minutes maybe more, which also means that Onigashima is moving fucking slow if Luffy is falling into the sea now.
so sanji has been carrying zoro and kicking fodder for 30 straight minutes.. INteReStIng
It is obvious who is gonna save Luffy, Law's crew.
There seems to be some trick about fighting Kaido 1v1 which was why Yamato was really worried last chapter probably Kaido becomes some bloodlust animal I don't know lmao
Act 3 should be ending in the next 3-4 chapters as well and I don't know what will happen to Franky, Jinbei and Robin, will they lose their fight?
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