Who will Knock Out Sanji?

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Nah nah it doesn't work like that. After all Shanks stans claim that Akainu used his strongest punch when aiming at fucking Coby, using the same logic Big mom used her strongest slash and Kid casually neg diffed it.
This is my point exactly.

It isn’t easy to cut. Big Moms slice was stopped by a hakiless scrap metal hand and the hand was not cut. Doesn’t matter if he grabbed it. The fact of the matter is the sword couldn’t cut through it and was in fact stopped.

If someone slices at me with a sword and I grab it does that stop my hand from getting cut?
No he grabbed a sword mid swing at fodders. And even then she was up instantly no damage
Oda ending and chapter are getting very repetitive though. Oda has to find some new dynamic for this fight, no point to bring fake hype like this.

Luffy will be fine, (like always did) someone will save him, some random ship, momo, or something else

Kidd will be clap down by Big Mom like in previous chapter.

Plot hasnt move 1 bit which is fuking annoying.

I really hope we will reach flower capital in the next maybe 10 chapters.

Now about feat, kaido has being exited mostly by 2 encounter Luffy and kind of Zoro too.

With Zoro was when Zoro use tatsumaki against Kaido's tornado, he was entrained about that (he had fun/excitement)

With Luffy the last 2 chapters.

Now what I want the most, is that we finally have some closure about the other strawhat, like saw me finally Sanji vs something, show me how Jimbe is doing, 1 small panel about Franky and Brook&Robin.

I wanna see how Marco is doing, dont bring me back this crap shit about Yamato etc,, cuz it slowing down so much the plot.

About Zoro, he will be out for the next 6 chapters minimu, if Chopper has to do some miracle.


Kitetsu Wanker
Ok? Is she swinging at them to boink them? No, she was swinging to cut them down. Kidd got in the way of the slice and grabbed it. The arm that he stopped the attack with didn’t get cut. What is there to argue about? I thought you said Kidds scrap metal was easy to cut? Why didn’t Big Mom cut the scrap metal hand in half?
You are getting ahead of yourself based on two panels of Kidd catching BM off guard...
Does that remind you of other fandoms who trip themselves up just like that too? Dont be them. Think Reggie, think.
Does it even count as a 1vs1 at this point? Kaido went through so many people with more to come.
Yep it does because Kaido healed between the Scabbard battle - Supernova battle.
He virtually had zero damage after the scabbards and I believe that both Luffy and Kaido were damaged equally before going 1v1.

Btw: What an avy!! All hail the fucking Goat!!
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