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Firstly:-I wasn't referring to Zoro or Luffy dropping, i was talking about Kaido, He didn't drop not even on his knees after Zoro's best attack he was only disturbed and shocked.
Secondary:- Kaido wasn't blocking Zoro with his club in the panel where Zoro is screaming "Ashura HELL HAKKI" the club is above Kaido's head if you pay attention to the detail, SO Kaido took the attack DIRECTLY and still remained standing still.
Finally:- What i meant by amplifying Zoro's haki is that it allows him to use more of HIS Haki which mean MORE DAMAGE & Defence that without it he doesn't have access to yet - he will definitely output in the future more haki in the this arc with or without enma -.

You guys really disrespect Kaido and his capability, i find it weird you disrespect Kaido SOOO MUCH that you think Luffy's punches throwing him around is something normal or not on high level, No one could do what Luffy is doing to Kaido maybe since the days of Kaido became a Yonko from the what is being told about him .
Read. Kaido was ATTEMPTING to block. Man peoples articulation skills are poor.

And kaido not even once stated or showed that he was receiving heavy damage from luffys attacks. Not one mention of your hurting my insides or damn you are damaging me the most so your point was mute. The only person destructive feat wise he acknowledge based on attack potency was zoro in terms of how the attack would affect him. He didn't do the same to luffy. He mentioned luffys arsenal. But when it pertained to damage sustained he is utterly disappointed in luffy as he himself stated
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