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Chap review :

The cover page... tho it has historic worth.. but something caught my eye and i bet your's as well..
the description on law's shirt and the way law sat mimics sanji's cover page and his epithet
and the fact that Yamato's potential DF is also referred to on it .. is intriguing, might be an augur to future events idk.


So we begin with luffy falling off of Onigashima and kaido mimicking luffy's words and stating that luffy has yet to hone his Coc, which makes sense since he just tapped into such an ability ig you can say that oda's eyeing towards making luffy's Coc gradually mote efficient when he returns because his raw usage of that ability was pointed out by kaido himself...so a likely foreshadowing and requisite to beat Kaido.
Moving on, seems like Bao was oblivious of what is happening on the roof and Kaido tells her to announce the result of the battle and you see Bao's expression of shock right after through the call..

Now here is what i think happened.. luffy hesitated in midst of executing a move for some odd reason, you can say he got blitzed but then it wouldn't make sense of the period of time he had been fighting Kaido and has rendered him wheezing,plus he has shown to keep up with Kaido's insane speed when he coated his fist in Coc and consequently in their iconic clash.. so its either he pushed himself too much or he relapsed on his shoulder injuries and hesitated

About the joy boy reference.. i believe that would play a role and will intertwine somehow with Momo hearing voices.. its possible that luffy gets saved by sea kings...but something huge is definitely about to show up and will save luffy... all in all that "joyboy" citation was a nice addition to wrap up the roof top fight

This chap proved one of my theories regarding the fight being taken to the dome.. thats noice as well

Momo reading Oden's journal is something i have been waiting for and his reaction is golden.. seems like he has now another reason to make it out alive from this war and to become a Shogun.

Chopper's FB was a very constructive way to portray and affirm that there are interaction between the crew during voyages as well, it elaborates the crew's character and the story which adds more to our offscreen imagination .About sir Tanuki, he has grown alot as a combatant and now is dealing with Queen but he has to find a way to be efficient with his attacks.. he has the potential to wield haki in this fight but the development on hid end is great.. This arc is the first post-time skip arc where all the SHP meet a daunting foe and really struggle in their endeavor ..sanji has his fight soon to come fosho as well...so expect some serious post-wano development from everyone

Now that I have mentioned the crew i can't leave the fact that Zoro and Sanji just capped what Bao said about Kaido being generous..the extent of their loyalty is shown again through their words and are still believing in luffy atm.. ik everyone capping it but the timing of their CAP couldn't have been better taking their role in the crew as combatants and support to luffy in consideration.

Jimbe is fighting Ww who's in his base using martial arts I ASSUME.. idk why but they look casual as hell while from fighting eachother... i hope this fight picks up on panel in further chaps and further background is also portrayed hopefully.. I'm intrigued.

Robin and Brook seem to be alright which is good to know, and Nami and Ussop are fine as well... BUT


ETC... almost everyone on the god damn island reacted to this
Kanjuro Bids Farewell
Now lets move on to Kanjuro's death..

the words spoken by kanjuro at the brink of death.. Boom, and the whole ambience turned melancholic in its resonance .. honestly my respect for Kanjuro has grown alot EXPONENTIALLY for that fact.. his death reminds me of Dr Heruluk...
and the way they died uttering such heavy words describing their mortality.. one depicting it as a act ...

In a way kanjuro tells Kinemon that "thx for drawing curtains to my treacherous life aclose friend... its sure was the play of a lifetime and well befitting of you to ink a period on my final act" .

In conclusion:
a very dense chapter in terms of emotions and resolution for Kinemon and kanjuro, this one was jam packed with info and suspense.. LOVED IT.. it definitely developed on all aspects and plots and took the announcement as a way of doing so..

just wonderful.

A Climax and a character worth remembering.. this dialog from kanjuro was the highlight for me in this chap. one hell of a chapter... next week will surely carry this gleam... on the edge of me chair already...

score :
10/10 (5/5)

See you all in the next PLAY then.


(i see this trend of people asking for tagging if they like someone's content... if you do so with my review.. go ahead and lemme know)
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Gorosei Informer

Yes eventually Oda is not finished with Kin'emon yet. This kind of death would look too appalling from my personal perspective. He might need to save Momo before he's eventually done. Unless Yamato will do first for example.
Yeah I agree, this doesn't feel right for a death scene at all. Someone like Kinemon deserves a real send off, a true final stand with a great speech and heroic moment.

If he's going to die, it better be saving Momo one and for all but I don't want him to die, especially since Momo has had to deal with losing Toki and Oden, his sister has "disappeared" even before they could reunite and is also frustratingly rrelevant right now too, so I hope he gets to have Kinemon still to take care of him at least.

Kinemon pretending to be his father and taking such good care of him in Oden's stead really hits different post Oden flashback especially.
LMAO, I love this chapter, KAIDO making fun of luffy hahahahaha ...
At most this was average differentiates for KAIDO.

It was not HAKI that was ending, luffy who is weak and left a lot to be desired in combat, KAIDO has more technique and mastery in combat than luffy, in a nutshell KAIDO is a born fighter, a fighting genius.​

This part is really funny, KAIDO was really playing with a guy who has all 3 advanced HAKI.

I love BAO HUANG! And your extroverted lines!

And in the end we have him, WAIDO continues to do it again.:stealthblack::stealthblack::stealthblack::stealthblack::stealthblack::stealthblack:
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