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Chopper is fighting with Queen and Perospero together. Chopper is more than commander level :neesama:

Kinemon looks awful, where is his head lol, if Oda was a brutal one, i could say Luffy, Kiku, Kin and Kanjuro have already died.

I also wonder what Kaido knows about Joy Boy and also why Momonosuke got headache suddenly



@Celestial D. Dragon: but, but, Luffy only lost because he ran out of haki.

@King of the world: but I thought Kaido used Awakening to beat Luffy?

@Luffy is the mc: but I thought Luffy pushed Kaido to high difficulty?

@Kromage911: but I thought Kaido was only disappointed in Luffy because Luffy was unable to defeat him and not because Luffy wasn't strong? Why is Kaido insulting his technique here? Why is he outright mocking him?

@comrade: but I thought Luffy was a Mid Top Tier?

With all due respect guys:

Hmm, that felt good. I feel justified placing Luffy at Low Top Tier given that Kaido indeed beat him at medium difficulty.
well but it is clear that Luffy is gonna win anyway soon. Luffy was not supposed to win that easily either he just picked that power.
A incredible good chapter, it had almost everything. Fightaction,drama,emotions,tension, lore,story moving forward and great art pages.

I think as some people noticed it, Oda chabge the sound of the war, soon the beast pirates take the adv of the war via hybird forms. In case I can really see act3 is ending soon.

The moral of the alliance going fall apart, noticed how one of the mafia group samurai was shocked to hear that both Luffy and the scabbards fail. That will take a major role and nerf the moral of the alliance.

Kaido has any free room and can now one shot anyone if he want. But I think he will face Yamato soon. Did it going to be a battle? I doubt it, I can see a twist where Kaido offer Yamato to became the Shogun and he not killing anyone of the alliance as deal.

Overall a incredible good chapter. Joyboy had the strongest CoC, i assume Im going have the strongest df as compare.
The moment Luffy fell into the sea, Momo started having headaches, as when Zunisha talked to him. At first I thought Luffy was going to be saved by Law's crew in the submarine, but something big is coming to bring him onto Onigashima ... Sea kings? Zunisha? Everything is possible at this point, even Florian Triangle's giant monsters :usoprice:
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