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@Celestial D. Dragon: but, but, Luffy only lost because he ran out of haki.

@King of the world: but I thought Kaido used Awakening to beat Luffy?

@Luffy is the mc: but I thought Luffy pushed Kaido to high difficulty?

@Kromage911: but I thought Kaido was only disappointed in Luffy because Luffy was unable to defeat him and not because Luffy wasn't strong? Why is Kaido insulting his technique here? Why is he outright mocking him?

@comrade: but I thought Luffy was a Mid Top Tier?

With all due respect guys:

Hmm, that felt good. I feel justified placing Luffy at Low Top Tier given that Kaido indeed beat him at medium difficulty.
Kaido mocked Oden too.....mocking is not a factor to scale strength.....arlong mocked Luffy throughout the fight...mocking is in general villains/antagonists second nature...you can use any other parameter to judge character strength but mocking is not a reliable parameter to judge in anyway....
Not open for further replies.