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Another great chapter

Kaido knowing about Joy Boy is super interesting. The Luffy and Kaido thing being left cryptic kinda pisses me off lol. Kaido's a
mad trash talker god damn lmao

Seems like Queen is not even worried about Chopper even with his monster point time extended thanks to Ceasar. Props to chopper for holding his own against two tough enemies (Queen and Perospero)

Who's Who fighting Jinbei in his human form, don't underestimate Jinbei who fought Ace for 5 days so we know he has endurance for days

Kiku better not die, had they killed Kanjuro the first time they wouldn't be in this situation.

Holy shit Kinemom got destroyed at the end there. I really wonder what Momonouske was going to say after reading Oden's log book and whose voice he heard. (This chapter is going to be theories galore for the fans).

The situation is not looking good for the straw hat alliance at all, we might get the tragedy to Act 3 in the next few chapters the way things are going.
This chapter was awesome man... I was very very annoyed with early spoilers but my experience after reading full spoilers and now chapter is very different. It's awesome!

Kaido taunting Luffy with "Gomu Gomu No" was quite good and funny lol. So Kaido defeated Luffy because Luffy's technique of coating CoC in attacks was not good enough. From that panel seems like Kaido was bloodied as well. He deffo took damage from Luffy's attacks.

Kaido knew about JoyBoy. Man that's surprising. So there is no reincarnation or some kind of wierd typical story rather it's about inheritance of Joy Boy's will. Kaido will eat his words soon:myman:

Strawhats reaction was good. Zoro and Sanji as expected didn't accept the surrender. Glad Chopper could extend his monster point through Ceaser's help. And really glad that he couldn't even hurt Queen with his extended monster point. Strawhats other than monster trio and Jinbe desperately need CoA and CoO. It's quite embarassing that they didn't learn it.

I'm really excited to know what Momo wanted to say to Kiku and Kinemon. And what voice did he hear. Is Zunisha or some mythical beats nearby? Kanjuro killing Kiku was cruel sigh. Kinemon was able to avenge Kiku's death by killing his former close friend. End of Kanjuro's story was quite good imo.

Kaido broke Kinemon and Kiku's sword in a single CoC imbued blow:steef:. He was not serious against Scabbards and Supernova at all lol.

Who is gonna save Luffy. Will Yamato (Possible Future SH) save Luffy from near death like Robin did at Alabasta (She was potential SH back then) after Luffy's first duel against Crocodile. Really excited for future events!!

@Celestial D. Dragon: but, but, Luffy only lost because he ran out of haki.

@King of the world: but I thought Kaido used Awakening to beat Luffy?

@Luffy is the mc: but I thought Luffy pushed Kaido to high difficulty?

@Kromage911: but I thought Kaido was only disappointed in Luffy because Luffy was unable to defeat him and not because Luffy wasn't strong? Why is Kaido insulting his technique here? Why is he outright mocking him?

@comrade: but I thought Luffy was a Mid Top Tier?

With all due respect guys:

Hmm, that felt good. I feel justified placing Luffy at Low Top Tier given that Kaido indeed beat him at medium difficulty.
Well. Old Rusty Ray is low top tier and I think that current Luffy is stronger than him, given he has FS, internal destruction and Barrierhaki and incomplete CoC reinforcement. Coupled with prime stamina and G4.
Kanjuro should’ve turned into Toki this time.

Even if Kiku and Kinemon saw through it there def would be some doubt. Doing Oden again gave him no chance and he got lucky that Kiku faltered for some reason

He even could’ve lied about time travel or whatever. Much more believable and also cruel to Momo
- 2 potential deaths
- Kaido knows about Joy Boy
- You 'become' Joy Boy?
- Momo's head pains after reading the journal
- Queen fucking laughing at Chopper
- Kinemon...
- Onigashima finally reaches Wano mainland

Again, 10/10.


'fearful waterfalls' 'mountain on top of the turtle (Mt Fuji)' 👀

Don't know exactly what this means but I'm too putting my stock on this theory. :milaugh:
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