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2nd time leaker lies about Luffy haki & loss to Kaido, curious if any of the people who say the leaker is a Zoro fanboy will call him a Luffy fanboy now :milaugh:

Liked the chapter a lot. Kanjuro must be dead, I doubt Oda will fake his death again and one of Kinemon or Kiku as well. I think the latter will be dead.

Based on Bao's announcement, it seems that Marco has at best a bounty equal to Luffy.

Momo and Shinobu if they are lucky to run in the direction of Big Mom (maybe Denjiro buys a few seconds?) and Kaido sees 2 of the F6 laying KO and is told about who did it to them, then Kaido vs Big Mom could buy the SN novas (minus Killer for now) time to regroup, rest and recover.
Chapter isn't loading so I'm making up my own story.

Sanji dumps Zoro in the trash. Sanji vs King.
i already read the chapter, I can tell it to you.
Black teeth is back. Turned out, black teeth has been going easy before. He slaughtered sanji, but then was stalled by the wano samurais before he offed sanji. Chapter ends with sanji putting on raid suit and saying that he would surpass and beat black teeth in their fight.
No need to thank me for this.
Act 3 may end up with potential death of Luffy (even though it's not happening lol), death of most of the scabbards and maybe defeat of most of SHs and supernova.
This is the definition of tragedy lol. Act 3 will end soon with all of their defeats
Great chapter

Looks like Rocks might have discovered more about the Void Century than anyone before Roger, if that’s where Kaido got his knowledge about Joy Boy from. So, Joy Boy will be someone who, the more he smile, the more he... something? Still Luffy, but this can allow for Blackbeard to be a fake Joy Boy.

Great for Chopper. Sure, Queen doesn’t look like he’s taking it all that seriously, but bumping up the length of Monster Point and fighting him- with Perospero in support- for this long is very impressive. Set up for Sanji to save him from a serious Queen, then Chopper to heal Zoro.

Brutal from Kanjuro. Very nice. As ever, it’s a real shame that more time wasn’t spent on him pre-reveal. He’s a decent villain, but if he had been more likeable and relevant before he was revealed as a traitor he’d have been a great one.

But that page of Kine’mon beating him, excellent. As was the page of Kaido mauling Kin after it.

Now, for going forward, if Act Three doesn’t end in the next two chapters, it’s eother not ending at all, or it‘s not ending until every fight bar Kaido is over. This is the setup for the darkest hour before the dawn, literally- Luffy totally defeated, Kin and Kiku horribly wounded. It’s a natural point to cut away before going back to the fights.

Momo’s voices, the sea kings coming to save Luffy? It’s either that or Law’s submarine that does that. I’m expecting Luffy to be out of the action for a good while. Yamato (who must be very much regretting leaving Momo) or Law to hold off Kaido while the other fights get done, then Kaido to trash everyone, before Luffy returns as a saviour.
Finally we are moving to the final stage of this arc, Like Kiku said:
Forgive me, the lingering snow is finally melting, so I can tell the dawn is hear.
Onigashima reach Wano land (not the capital yet). The proficiency about Kaido fall is link with the dawn.

The shimoztuki clan lived in Ringo (Ryuma the most important member), surrend by eternal snow. Well the snow is finally melting, let see what that mean xD.

I am pretty sure that: this arc will move pretty fast now and that Luffy&Zoro will play a role against Kaido.

I really appreciate that Oda even if Kinemon is dead, gave part of his legacy to Zoro&Luffy (both aiming to protect the future shogun and Wano). With Zoro even further, he copies his main fighting style. Genius.
So Luffy falls into the sea, kaido says that Luffy isn't Joyboy and Momo is hearing voices

Well here's my prediction for next chapter:

Next chapter WILL confirm that Luffy is indeed Joyboy. How? Luffy will fall into the sea, and he will be rescued by all the sea kings. They will then return to on land to Wano together as Wano lands on Kuri.

Then it will be Luffy and Sea Kings vs Kaido.

I also suspect that 'something' in-between will also happen to luffy, i just don't know what.

I also wonder if this is what Kaido meant by 'chosen one'. That neither he nor his former captain Rocks D Xebec could control the sea Kings.

I don't know about Roger, but i also doubt it , since Kaido would know if he did. Roger so far has only shown to be able to hear their voices like Luffy and Momonosuke. But maybe Luffy now can also summon and control Sea Kings??

And I think Joyboy now is definitely Luffy, because he also has a straw hat like the one locked up in Pangea Castle. Maybe Joyboy was killed by the WG because of his power to control sea kings that can challenge the entire WG and Gorosei??

Maybe Luffy is the succesor of Joyboy?

And i think that what Kaido would want from Luffy that he didn't get from his former captain Rocks D Xebec, is for Luffy to awaken the Voice of all Things Ability to control the Sea Kings, then invade and overthrow the WG and Celestial Dragons and World Nobles, something that his former captain Rocks D Xebec failed. Maybe Rocks D Xebec isn't evil after all, maybe he just wants to take down the WG, Five Elders, Imu Sama and Celestial Dragons to free the world from the powers who control and surpress them?

As to why Roger decided to ally with Garp to defend the WG and go against Rocks, its maybe because Rocks D Xebec really wanted to be 'King of the World' while freeing the world at the same time, and Garp and Roger had to stop him because Rocks taking the place of Imu would just mean a bigger and uncontrollable evil replacing a restrained evil.

Now i'm really beginning to think that Kaido may not die and that he could even be Luffy's ally in the future to take down the WG. Kaido and Luffy may share the same goal of taking down the WG in the future.

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