What’s the spoiler provider hiding from us?

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Did Luffy use G4 or did his haki overall run out because of adv CoC?
So Lance indeed hint about Chopper and him using monster point for 30mins.
Jinbe not get shown is a bad sigh for him, did he lose to WsW or do we get see him in next chapter?
Luffy most like get saved by Law crew via their ship.

Overall I like the chapter a lot, im sure Kanjuroo now staying dead, same with Kiku and probably Kinemon dying too.
That is a very hard tragic but it is need for the tension of the arc.
I think Oda lead up anything for the defeat of the alliance soon, I legit start to think that in chapter 1018 anything ends.
Probably Kaido can control Yamato via saying"Either you became the shogun or I kill Momo". In case the tragic end of act 3 is going to happen, everyone at the live floor probably get defeat soon.
Luffy is the only one in this entire series that loses haki. The main reason he's had trouble in the new was cut of this shit. Oda needs to upgrade
No one uses their haki like Luffy. Most people Luffy fights are vastly and laughably physically stronger than him and with devil fruits. Luffys only way of competing is through gear 4 short cut and over using haki
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