What’s the spoiler provider hiding from us?

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Kaido wrecked him. They had a 1v1 and Luffy fell first, and Kaido still has no visible damage from him lmao.

Your idol needs to take 5 fucking naps before he can defeat his opponent and you will still count that as a fair win. Will Kaido be allowed to get some recovery sleep too if he's knocked out?
Dude can't take his L like a man.

Listen snowflake, Luffy running out of Haki =/= "Kaido wrecked him". And newsflash genius, Kaido is a mythical Zoan, he is constantly healing. Dude doesn't need "recovery sleep" when he's always recovering.

You're just salty Luffy isn't wrapped up like burrito right now, being carted around and protected by Sanji.
It's called black marketing: where the owners deliberately release half of the "leaks" with strong hints of something Big in the story, hence hyping it. The Hollywood always does it. It is a very safe and effective way of marketing, even if they straight up lie or deceive the audience no one is going to complain about it, cuz it wasn't the official source who released it in first place.
Yeah someone actually explained this to me a while ago. I just felt like complaining today lol
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