Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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There the same Zoro. He was just less serious on the live floor. The second he became serious he blitzed and oneshot Apoo and recovered the antidote.

But you are about Zoro being built different..... compared to the other SN and Straw Hats.
My 1st question was asking about LiveFloor feat, and you just need to choose which one lol
Yeah Zoro being serious or rather should I say Zoro doesn't want to mess around anymore. Apoo was fine after that, Zoro get what he want, so doesn't matter.
yeah feats isn't the way to go, portrayal wise kidd is above zoro also that visible wound on kaido seems to look like it diminishing every chapter
When Kid was thanking Zoro for saving him and doing what he could not, was that good portrayal for Kid > Zoro or was it better portrayal for Zoro?

What about Kid being less impressive than Killer, and Zoro leaving the only permanent wound on Kaido to date, better portrayal for Kid than Zoro?
"I cant beat king so i need Zoro to do it for me"
Sanji fans shouldnt talk about testosterone or oda will make sanji transgender again
Every character is unique in their frame. It is not neccessary to exaggerate or underestimate none of them.
as zoro and sanji boys.
Just be realistic every term .
Zoro is monster character , swordsman , bad direction , careless except battle , sacrifice everything for his captin.
Sanji is emotional , kicker , good strategist and good cooker and woman kindness.
As you see , they are different character but whatever fanboys say , they are brother whatever happen , they will be there to have each others back.
Crew dynamics said that Usopp Luffy and Chopper are very good friends .
Nami Zoro and Sanji have dynamic together.
We funned lots of time to watch and read.
Let them go clash each other.
Kaido weakest form when he dealth with Samurais was in Zoan form then he transformed back to human form he off screen the scabbards, then hybrid against the Supernovas. Jack the same. I don't know about defense though
Yeah, cause it's harder to focus the destructive force of Zooan to individual targets. That's why hybrid is best balanced in terms of stats.

That doesn't mean you can tank more in Hybrid.
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