Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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You're crazy if you think that doesn't confirm shit.

- Queen was fighting Marco for some time before he fought Chopper.
- He got hit by two powerful named attacks by Marco.
- And chopper stall him for 30 minutes.

- Sanji only took few punches to the face.

Sanji (slightly nerfed) vs Queen (nerfed).

- King is fighting Marco but he isn't heavily damaged or has 30 broken bones.
- Even if Marco nerfs him he will never be as damaged as Zoro.

- Zoro fought two Yonko for more than 30 minutes.
- He tanked Hakai, Thunder Bagua, Big Mom's attack, and probably other attacks we didn't see.
- He has 30 broken bones...even if Chopper heals him he will never as fresh as King.

If Zoro fights King which I still doubt then Zoro (heavily damaged) vs King (nerfed).
That will only concluded that fresh Zoro >>>>>>> damaged Zoro>>>>King>>>>> Queen><Sanji
Lmao Queen is not nerf. Marco hits like a creampuff just like Marineford. None of his hits did anything.
Oda and his shitty writting is really insane, Page one was easily ko by Big Mon single punch, but a fucking bloodludter Kaido can not ko Kinemon, this Onigashima war arc is a complete joke with pure 0 tension.
Page One was buried but not KO, zoans go back to human when they get KO.


𝐘𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐨 > 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠
Ppl are going to be making Kinemon>>>Zoro threads once this chapter comes out
Those people are idiots and should be ignored.

Post Hakai Zoro retained consciousness after a COC Thunder Bagua from Hybrid Kaido. Kinemon merely survived a COC club strike from Base Kaido.

Luffy is gaining new abilities to hurt Kaidou from a span of what, 1 hour? And you think that Zoro, who's already capable of shredding through Kaidou's toughest scale and defense, won't be able to decapitate Kaidou when he's healed and fully mastered Enma? :lawsigh:
@Celestial D. Dragon is creditless and should be ignored on Zoro vs Kaido and adjacent topics.

That is too much though, i doubt Kaido will be her main fight.
If not Kaido then who? Who exactly is going to be her named fight?

Her fight with Kaido was setup way back in Chapter 999:

Ace told Yamato not to let Kaido chain her heart as well.

Yamato has finally come to break that chain that binds her to Kaido:
Chapter 1.015: "Chains".
Yamato has stopped Kaido from chasing Shinobu and Momonosuke.

Yamato: "Kaidou!"

Kaidou: "Call me "father"!"

Yamato: "I came here to break that chain!!"
This is a battle with a meaningful narrative. This is the climax of Yamato's character arc. If this isn't her main fight, then what is? What can it be?
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