Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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Queen looks completely fine, how can you say he's nerfed? He also has insane durabiliy and recovery since he's a zoan, so he's like new.
While Sanji in every panel after Black Maria's punches was drawn with blood in his face.
Of course King won't be as damaged as current Zoro, but you know that Chopper is healing him?
So an heavily injured Zoro will become just a nerfed Zoro who will fight a nerfed King, and fresh King is slightly stronger than Queen.
Sanji also looks fine, how can you say he's nerfed? See how you contradict yourself to fit your agenda?
Also, even the best doctor in OP can't totally heal a man with 30 broken bones. If King wants to fairly fight Zoro, then he needs to cut his arm or leg.
when Sanji was around in Wano, spying in the woman baths, Killer was a war prisoner forced to eat a SMILE and to work as an assassin
when Sanji was getting slapped by Drake at Yasuie's execution, Killer was being tortured by drawning
when Sanji was hanging in Maria's brothel, Killer was raiding the Live Floor and nullifying Apoo
when Sanji was escorting Luffy, Killer was opening the way with Kidd
when Sanji was trapped by Maria, Killer was revealed as one of the 5 dangerous pirates who are leading this generation
when Sanji was getting beaten by Maria, Killer was making Kaido spit blood
when Sanji was being saved by Robin, Killer was fighting 2 Emperors at once
Now that Sanji is fighting a Calamity, Killer still didn't stop and is currently fighting a SN

You lose this battle from the start, so don't start it
all of the cliffhanger from the last chapter we find out that Kinemon is still alive and Luffy got saved by Luffy's crew :cantseeme:
I believed Kinemon will survive but atleast I expected KO....and Luffy obviously will get saved....he is in water...Oda can't afford to waste so much time as he was in water....of course I have wished Luffy to swam out using CoC coating just to see the salt....:gokulaugh:
Oda let Luffy went to WCI so that he can catch up to Kinemon and Zoro. Now that we see Kinemon and Zoro in action, that leave Wci to dust. Katakuri is a trash compared to Zoro. :cheers:

Simple. Japanese samurai won't die by logic. They are 'monsters'. They have higher endurance than Zoans. People are stupid to believe that Zoans have higher physical stats.
Sadly this is true, not for nothing the known or invencible strongest creature Kaido was easily slayed by a fucking samuria from a single flashback, they are really monsters.
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