Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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The problem is that Sanji never solod a YC2... Dont talk too early man. One who flies high drops deep.

So far X Drake > Jinbei > Sanji = Page One until shown otherwise.
Yep, but people are already in damage control mode if Sanji takes a solid W against a Calamity, so...
Besides, X Drake hasn't proved to be above Jinbe at all until now.
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honestly just looking at how jam packed this chapter seems, I think it will be the heart pirates who saved Luffy. I don't see why it would make sense to reveal Luffy was saved right away by someone important in between all this hype

I'm calling the bluff, the Korean provider is trolling
Honestly that would be bland as hell and out of character, not to mention down right ludicrous..

itz either one or another
Why out of character zoro kill kaido?

And as i Said, for me would be forced If zoro Kills a kaido still able to fight, since he left kings fight and couldnt at ALL fight next an yonko.

So for me would be he killing a defeated kaido , but a kaido still breathing and able to do something terrible to people, and zoro prevents of that happening, and can cut kaido whole body now because in kings fight he learned a Lot .

For me that fit Very Well.
Finally, no more of this stalling Sanji's fight bs. The Sanji fans who wanted him to fight King shouldn't despair too much lol. Given Queen's durbility, I'd say this is the best matchup for Sanji to finally get some decent dc feats.:funky:
And of course Luffy immediatly get saved, how surprising...
Thank God he got saved immediately. Luffy drowning for 5+ chapters would be plot armor to the max. Last thing this arc needs is more pointless stalling and fake tension.
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