Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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It would be cool if it's a double spread.
Yeah it really will, but Redon didn't mention that. I'll content myself with a super hype scene (even if it's only one page).

Cut to Kaidou, he's still outside of Onigashima's dome. Suddenly, Yamato appears on top of the dome and shouts down at Kaidou.

Yamato: "Kaidou!!"

Kaidou: "You are supposed to call me "father", Yamato...!!"

Yamato: "I'm here to cut my bond with you!!!"

End of chapter.
@KiriNigiri: do you know if there's any meaning to their positions in the above scene?
I am sorry but Luffy is generic good guy since the beginning with some distinguishable traits....and that distinguishable traits still remain intact...
anyways you are free to hate but don't bother to "justify"......:kayneshrug:
Yeah He literally learned speaking Voice of all things while Ko'd underwater, Laws crew suddenly hearing it, Yup distinguishable trait indeed.


Critical Overthinker
Now telepathy is a thing... And somehow Luffy unlocks this power while drowning and unconscious but still could communicate with it under such circumstance... :okay: Makes sense I guess.:luuh:
Technically telepathy has been a thing since Fishman Island. Funny enough it was originally introduced underwater to start with.
Yeah i kinda agree with what you’re saying

to this day i believe him “winning” vs katakuri was bullshit and him immediately learning Adv CoC was even more bizarre

But I don’t think Oda will make the same mistake a 3rd time
I used to stop reading One Piece after luffy fight with kata, I start to read again cause I'm bored..
Unfortunately, it's getting worse..
Bruhhhh now it makes sense.

910 (Enter Wano) - 924 (Act End Chapter) = 15 Chapters

926 (Post Act 1 End Chapter ) - 955 (Act End Chapter) = 30 Chapters

957 (Post Act 2 End Chapter) - 1016 (Act End Chapter) = 60 Chapters

Lit. I expect a 3 Chapter Reverie.
I'm not sure how, but it would be sweet to finalize the matchups first, but I don't see how Zoro could recover in a chapter unless Marco introduces some jank recovery and assists Chopper lol. Then you have the idea that Chopper, Nami and Usopp are without opponents, unless Ulti/Page 1 get back up, and that still doesn't cover Chopper lol
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