Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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Lets be honest..

I think whoever is the one to save luffy Will be something interesting....but not THAT hype as some people are imagining.

Lets Just think a bit...

If was a big shot as Garp, the Great fleet, Dragon, Shanks, Kuzan, Sabo, some revolutionary ,etc that would finish the chapter, not be in the middle of It.

And Redon/Lance would be way more crazy about It than he looks right now, even with that bizarre oden reveal he was way more active.

I think It will be some Sea kings...

If not that, will be laws crew, Hyori, Kawmatsu, izo or Denjiro since they are not fighting anyone, that Fox dude, the octupus
,the carps, tengu Dude.

Something like that..
Small information about korean spoiler

Korean Leaker write about chapter title: 제목 "쇠사슬(인연)"

"인연" this word means is "Meant to be" so It has a connection with "Destiny"(some source adding destiny) and chapter title mention about yamato. There are also references in previous chapters on destiny.인연
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Probably this is false. Korean Spoiler doesn't mention about Queen's new attack.(I also reviewed talkop translation)
its meaning" relations" or "ties" and sometimes "fate" .
In Buddhism called " Nidana"
That's why he is strong. Sanji is freakshly strong, that is not up for discussion.
But he is NOT a fighting character. His dream is to find All Blue and live in peace with a hot babe, not o be the strongest. It's not what drives him. It is what drives Zoro.
I'm a Roger fan, not a Zoro one, but Zoro is stronger than Sanji no doubt
Heres the thing. Zoro keeps comparing himself to Sanji.
Additional Spoilers (Not Confirmed)

The one who saved Luffy is the Child of Mountain God (Child of Giant Boar that Oden Defeated before)
Sanji gave Zoro to Chopper & told them to both go recover somewhere Safe, apparently Kawamatsu will protect them
Izo shoots down Perospero's Arrows to protect everyone
Queen mentions something about Judge
Drake is thinking about Plan B (Raid Failing) since he doesn't want to be captured by Kaido
Marco vs King is briefly shown
Law tried to use Shambles on Hera (To trap her similar to Zeus before) but couldn't
Kaido & Yamato Clash (Yamato is hinted to have CoC)
Yamato Kaido CoC clash:steef::steef:
Drake is already having second thoughts on joining alliance:suresure:
Izo vs Perospero and Kawamatsu to protect Zoro and Chopper seems good!!

Luffy is saved by Mountain God's child:kriwhat:... Doesn't seem too exciting but believable because of Momo, Oden and Mountain God connection
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