Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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Hol up
Shirohige got 5 bil bounty
And Marco got less than 1.5 bil bounty

By logic King will be lower than Marco right.
Because Wb bounty > Kaido bounty
No it's the reverse, because it's said that Shanks crew has the highest average bounty, and Shanks' bounty is lower than both BM and Kaido
Hol up
Shirohige got 5 bil bounty
And Marco got less than 1.5 bil bounty

By logic King will be lower than Marco right.
Because Wb bounty > Kaido bounty
kings bounty will most likely end up being 1.33

Sanji is 330 and queen is 1.32( one billion over Zoros)

Zoro is 320 and king is 1.33( one billion over sanjis)

I can’t see king having a bounty with no meaning. I think luffy is the absolute max king could be and queen is the lowest.
Do show us what exactly King did to be so high above Queen so far.
Because let's look at what they did, shall we?
- Kicked Big Mom's ship in mid air. (good for him).
- Had to use Kaido's name to summon the Tobi Roppo (he even say Whoswho and Sasaki wouldn't obey him).
- Took advantage of the fact Sanji was busy carrying Momo to grab him. Failed to KO Sanji, who not only took that free hit, also got beat by BM and is here now ready to fight Queen.
- Tried to give directions to the Beast Pirates during the invasion.
- Got stalled by Marco alongside Queen.
- Allowed Marco to grab Queen's neck for enough time for Chopper to eat a Rumble Ball, transform, and hit Queen. Now is probably being stalled by Marco alone.

- KO'ed Big Mom in O-lin mode using only the weight of his body and maybe CoA. (way more impressive than kicking a ship mid air).
- Unleashed a virus that would auto-win the battle for the Beast Pirates if it wasn't for the power of protagonism asspulling with Chopper developing a counter virus in 1 hour IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLEFIELD. (this alone should give him the win over King, by portrayal).
- Stopped Luffy from catapulting himself with Zoro to the Rooftop.
- Got stalled by Marco alongside King.
- Kept playing with Monster Point Chopper like it was nothing.

The only argument for "king>queen", is that the "king" is above the "queen" is a card game. Not feats in panel. Only something outside of the actual story. Oh yeah, and those YC1,2,3,4,34,32,4,234, etc headcanon rankings. Very solid grounds.
Is the Kaku/Jabura argument all over again.
Freaking author creates a numeric ranking and people still cry to this day because Jabura was whining about "but only physical power".

And before some braindead comes with the "hurr durr now you wank queen", I've advocated for ALL the Calamities since the beginning, even Jack. If some still think I wanted Sanji vs King because of some power scaling shit or "zoro slandering", I can only feel pity of such moronic people.

There's this Judge connection and I have ZERO confidence Oda can pull something interesting with it. Hopefuly I will be wrong on this. But if some cry about the raid suit even now, imagine what else they are gonna cry about from whatever Oda pulls off from this fight.
Dude you underestimate so much Queen. He have courage and belief to defeat big mom. You must be crazy.dd
Not really underestimating him... yes Queen believed that at first, but when BM regained her memory he nearly shit himself! My point is gaining CoC is not easy not everyone can have it and even if he did it will be useless cuz it can’t be controlled and even when he does it will be useless for quite awhile since first stage of it is fodder control... he isn’t gonna jump straight away to ADVCoC. Who is crazy now mate?
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