Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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i wonder, coz sasaki noticed her transforming.. and was just surprised startled... but not coz he didn't know that she has a DF.. if he didn't he'd mention it i believe
no Oda didn't want to reveal much , but he was really surprised as if he didn't see that coming
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What would metal do, surrounding her herself in armor?
that is a possibilty and she might already used that as she shield Momo and Shinobu and tanked the explosions even Momo was surprised she was still ok. but that would contradict her being afraid of the explosives on her hands
just read the raws and my god, Wano is so trash. Like most people who read One Piece are males in their 20s, how is One Piece still so popular with how horrible it’s been the past decade. I thought all the hype Oda gave Wano will redeem the shitty past arcs of Dressrosa, punk hazard and WCI but Wano turned out to be even worse.
When will you learn that its situational? Zoan forms are the most durable and most often have the highest raw strength their are instanceslike luccis where his animal form is faster but hybrid is bulkier. in the case of the dinos and kaido, they have the most raw power, are at their durablest and often most destructive in their full zoan, but they are big, clumzy and slower. Take dragon form kaido, put it against an army and it would wipe them muuch faster than hybrid. But as soon as someone is good enough to avoid its attacks, it looks clumzy and slow and gets ragdolled and humiliated. When the forms are at their strongest depends solely on the situation and opponents.
Faster my ass, Soru is light speed compared to Lucci's animal form. Most raw power, Most durable, what it do? If that was the case Jack wouldn't have reverted to his Human form to fight seriously, like Nekomamushi said on Zou Inuarashi was going easy on Zoan Jack so they were stalling.

I garantee you Queen will do more damage in his base than in Bracchiosaurus form. Zoan form is fake hype when they are faced with an opponent of their level. I do agree about clumzyness and being slow though.

Yeah when Kaido in Dragon form, he sure is flashy, but he can't beat powerful enemies in that state.
The issue isn't full zoan forms being weak, it's that most manga or comic authors have a hard time making non humanoid animals fight authentically.
Full dragon Kaido could very well have the biggest raw strenght but his near snake shaped figure doesn't really let him do much besides throwing beams.
Why do story need Yamato at that point ? Evething has started. We didn't see anything before. Just looks like time extension or crew candidate or kaido will be defeated by Yamato (of course luffy )
Her role was 1)to link Ace back in 2)to show off Luffy's ryuo, the only man on the island with internal destruction. 3) to give Momo the journal 4) to show the difference between Kin and Momo's bond and theirs 5)to trigger Kaido's flashback. 6)to stall Kaido until Luffy returns and finishes the arc (now that the matchups are begining to get ready).
I don't know about Queen but King going to get CoC for sure. He acts like a second leader next to Kaido and you could see it.
As example,he act on his own to care about the Big mom pirates at act2. He making a whole plan and call out the flyers to caught Yamato, he was the brain behind the flyer event,use Kaido name. Kaido as example has a great chemie with King, as we see how he use his sword to cut Orochi. And when Kaido was gone(above fighting the Scabbards), he take the lead and controll everyone in the dome, give everyone ein order. Even the flyer listen him when it come seriously. He was like a leader, he wish good luck to the flyer and the troup in the battle. Everything what he show are basically scream to have CoC. Because that im sure King has CoC.
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