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To find the All Blue!
Imagine not finding Sanji taking on a YC2 to be hype.
Only in this fandom.
To be fair.
Sanji was already on the Live Floor.
Removing him, making him run around in circles, only to bring him back and go for the easy route in fighting Queen because he talked about Judge is underwhelming.
Sanji vs Queen is not bad.
But the stalling we had to endure in order to get here gives zero feelings of accomplishment.
That's the problem.


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Guys, realize that these fights are for the worst generation, not the old generation, and it becomes far easier to understand why Marco probably isn't fighting King until the end. That fight literally does nothing for the reader. Marco is not a main character, he showed up 30 chapters ago. King is one of the main villains this arc. It virtually makes no sense to have Marco defeat someone like him.

And before people claim "but Kyros vs Diamante", Kyros was a main character in Dressrosa with a full flashback set to have revenge in Diamante. I'd sooner believe Inu will defeat Jack than Marco defeating King for this exact reason
Quoting myself from a convo:
Do you get the feeling that King is underdeveloped/underutilised as a character? At least compared to his fellow Calamities?

Jack was the main antagonist of Zou.
Queen was a main/secondary antagonist in Udon and even on Onigashima itself, he's had a larger presence than King.

King has shown himself to be competent, and proactive in dealing with problems on the Beast Pirates side. He took charge of the situation with Yamato and again during Onigashima when the raid was discovered. He was also proactive in taking out Momonosuke and dealing with Sanji.

Despite all of this, it feels like he's had noticeably less panel time than Queen.

The Live Floor and game with the antidotes was orchestrated by Queen and featured Queen as the main antagonist.

Then we had Chopper vs Queen (which continued this chapter).

Even when the Live Floor was shown, we only got Chopper vs Queen and a shot of Marco, but King was nowhere to be found.

I feel like especially compared to Queen, King hasn't had the kind of prominence/focus/development you'd expect of an M3's main fight. I'm wondering if maybe he's not meant to be an opponent for the Strawhats after all.

I feel like even Ulti has been fleshed out/characterised better (and she's only Nami's opponent).

A major caveat would be that even if Zoro fights King, he wouldn't be Zoro's main opponent. All of Zoro's narrative is with Kaido, and King would just be a sideshow, so King doesn't need to be as prominent as Queen as been to work as an opponent for Zoro. King vs Zoro wouldn't be Zoro's highlight for the arc.
King doesn't give me the impression that he's meant to be the main opponent of one of the Monster Trio. Especially not when you compare him to Queen (who is). Now I don't think King can be Zoro's main opponent, so this doesn't debunk Zoro vs King (King can be used for Zoro to practice Haoshoku cladding or as a hypetool before Zoro's second confrontation with Kaido).

But as far as I'm aware, you, @ImmaIvanoM, @Weeman, @Celestial D. Dragon and others believe King to be Zoro's main fight this arc?

I think that as he is King is way too underdeveloped to be the main fight for an M3 member. All we know about him:
  • He's strong
  • He's competent
  • He comes from a rare race

What is his personality? What are his habits? What are his hobbies? He hardly feels like a person the way Queen does.

I think King's superficial development is perfect for an opponent like Marco, so I can see it working out.

Again, the caveat of him being a sideshow if he fights Zoro might explain why he's so relatively underdeveloped.


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@nik87 what did i freaking tell you. Ussop, Nami and Chopper fans really taught they could beat a flying 6 fairly or that chopper could beat a freaking Commander. Smh USE COMMON SENSE
Hold your horses. If there is no massive blood coming from Queen, Chopper's slap looks better. :suresure:
As if Sanji's firepower was so good to significantly damage a tank like Queen... He needs miracles to keep him down.
difference is even in that ancient post there's a lot of truth in it and also close calls

and I didn't criticize Zolo fans for expecting him to fight the Shogun even tho it was a dumb prediction, I said it was their first L, then they took even more Ls after, and they're taking them even now, but they act like they never took Ls and only Sanji fans have been predicting the story wrong
You do realize that you are doing the same thing? Or do you not have any self awareness?

As i said, you are not so different.

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Some of y’all are really playing up the surprise factor as if this wasn’t written in the fucking stars the second two characters named “King” and “Queen” were introduced :specialmeh:
Don’t worry guys, I learned my lesson. I was stupid to think that Oda having Sanji running around doing nothing 20+ chapters would be anything more than him dragging the plot. All of that just for Sanji to fight Queen....

Looks like Sanji is just a shitty cook after all...
dont worry brother. sanji will defeat queen EXT Diff if he gets help :endthis:

Anyway You can expect More than that from a Cheif :kata:
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