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Hahaha. How otoko is better character and otama is a bad character? Just cause otama is helping in war while otoko is sitting and enjoying fire festival?
One is a tension plot device and the other simply is not. That reasoning alone is worth it.
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I hope Usopp , Nami and Chopper beat the CP-0 instead.
Somebody has to severely injured them beforehand
My god...Tama has more panel time in the raid than the majority of the SH and their opponents put together...

It really gets tiring. Watch Oda not even dedicate one chapter for each battle and end them all in the same chapter a la fishman island .

Sprinkle that shit !!

Stall Luffy for 10 chapters to reach the top but can't put 2-3 panels of Sh fighting.

P1 and Ulti basically finished off by BM; make Ussop and Nami even more Useless Oda,it makes the story even better moving forward.

Bad decisions all around instead of doing even the basics.
He made the cast too big and now we are paying the results.
Can't imagine how atrocious he will make the Final arc if he can't jugle around the current cast.

I don't get how he thinks nowadays that he can draw his crowd if he offpanels the majority of an event and show only the end result ....
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Sasaki not being capable of putting down Franky for that long just means F6 supposed hype of rivaling calamities in strength was always overblown.
I should have known better when Xdrake couldn't do shit to Apoo and was shocked at Zoro's nameless slash.

Wsw is the only saving grace.
I think WW can give Jack a high diff fight and Sasaki is around Who's Who level Franky was using Franky shogun and Sasaki is not in hybrid the fact that Denjiro is still missing and it takes Brook + Robin to beat Maria shows that Franky will get his L Denjiro will interfere Sasaki said he wanted to make him pay and they were friends, Franky will land the finishing blow though
The chapter was okay. Not great, no awful. As many said before, lets hope this was the last otama chapter. The fight with ulti was decent though. Nami didnt fairy tail her and still won, so kudos to oda.
It seems the arc slowly comes to an end since the first tobi roppo are down.
So Big moms hit was enough to ko page one.
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