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I might be too old for One Piece to be honest.
I don't give a shit about Jinbe. I sincerely do not want any other Strawhat to join at all. I don't wanna be forced to like or to care about any other characters
I honestly hope Oda wouldn't introduce new characters at all
We have the Yonkos, and Admirals and the Blackbeard final boss fight for Luffy to overcome, we don't need to meet new people anymore for this series to finally be over, and we also don't need any new crewmates
Carrot can fuck back to Zou and Yamato can die for all I care
Go to Elbaf, resolve the Vegapunk arc we have building for decades, fight Skaazuki, fight Marshall an get this shit done already
If Yamato joins, as in legit joins with Yamato color spread and etc, not the "join" bullshit we got from JInbe since Fishman Island, I'm dropping One Piece
One Punch Man is way more entertaining at this point and my manga craving will be filled enough
They had to ban me from the nakama thread because they knew exactly how I was gonna act when this chapter came out, AND THEY WERE RIGHT!! I no longer feel like entertaining the children who wanna fight destiny and talk about Pedro’s will making Carrot the most important character in the series like it’s the only way they can achieve orgasm. No, Nami getting Zeus in her Clima Tact doesn’t mean Yamato and her club won’t fit in; we’ve had two very different swordsmen on the crew since Thriller Bark and existence hasn’t collapsed into itself like a black hole as a result. No, Yamato isn’t gonna die in this arc; I shouldn’t have to explain why, the author has made it clear to you nimrods for decades. No, Oda isn’t holding Carrot back for something bigger; he CREATED her, and even HE couldn’t care less what she does. It’s really sad how some of y’all see Yamato getting all this shine and it just makes the darkness in you grow a few shades deeper…I’d tell you to go outside, but the world isn’t gonna be even as kind to y’all as I am.
Welcome to the cancel culture of the woke! Why all good leaders get banned, first Trump then you :p
This chapter was awesome, even though it didn’t branch out much.

Nami was epic here. I really like the way in which Nami has Zeus. Zeus fusing with the climatact is really unique and creative. In the context of the story, it’s almost like how items can be fed devil fruits. It makes Nami super versatile as we saw, and strong as hell. This chapter seemed to be just Nami flexing with a new weapon, and I definitely think she’ll be getting a more in depth confrontation, as we’re not yet to the point where all the fighting has been set. I’m not so sure Ulti is out either and that it won’t be all out between Nami and Ulti one last time…Also, Nami naming Zeus was hilarious. Glad we got a callback to Nami’s horrible naming skills, and Zeus immediately ignoring it and calling himself Zeus again had me laughing.

Yamato’s part was also excellent. No more arguments about whether or not Yamato will be part of the crew. It’s over. The only thing left is for Yamato to have the flashback and to accept being Yamato as opposed to Oden. The final clash between Yamato and Kaido was cool, and I like how Kaido went right to hybrid. He isn’t screwing around. Yamato has a tall task in stalling until Luffy gets there.

Can’t wait to see what happens after the break.

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Welcome to the cancel culture of the woke! Why all good leaders get banned, first Trump then you :p
I don’t accept this comparison at all…Donnie intentionally ruined American democracy and damaged social/political institutions around the world, whereas I just made some sensitive weeb cry on the Internet over a rabbit and a girl with horns.
Dressrosa aging like fine wine.

Oda gave a joke character like Senor Pink a compelling backstory while Page 1 never got a named attack:whitepress:
I sincerely don't think they are down yet:

- Usopp never got his growth moment

- Ulti has been taken out "twice" in the middle of the chapte, not at the end

- They are both high recovery ancient zoans, and characters like Sugar and Jora got back up mid arc.

- We are in the land of Kairoseki.

Well see, im still holding out hope thar both will stand up once Oda is ready to take everyone out (doesn't look like it's time yet tbh)
It's weird to me that Page 1 was most competent when he fought Sanji. He attacked him and launched him through several buildings. Why he never used hybrid against Luffy or wasn't far more aggressive towards Usoop is kind of off to me.

I hope for the characters sake he gets back up. I'd love Usoop and maybe Chopper to team up against him, especially if he also rages against his sister getting hurt.

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Do you even want any of them to join? I hope to God they won't really
Huge Yamato stan here, and before her introduction, I assumed Carrot was fated to join as well. I think the former has a ton of potential, but I could care less about the latter, and Oda agrees with me :kayneshrug:
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why is it about politics now?
It’s not, see Kenshira’s post before mine. Anyway, #Yamato4Nakama rolls on in spite of the haters, so let’s get the thread back on track as well :moonwalk:
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