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Garbage pacing, garbage story. At this day I am starting to believe that Oda had been kidnapped and replaced by 10 year old kid.
The bigger question, is since when?

Like last chapter was a total bullshit.
Oda made it clear since decades ago = DF user falling to sea means game over.
Yet suddenly drowning Luffy (who was already unconscious and in bad condition before) suddenly sending telepathy, not only to VoAT user, but also to random scrub like Law's crews?
Tf is actually going on?

If OPlers want to insult Fairy Tail, easiest way is by comparing it to Wano arc. That will be the biggest insult Fairy Tail or any other manga can have.
Ulti already woke up??:josad:
And Nami got her cheap victory sigh... Expected every SH to be pushed beyond their limit and evolve their powers to win but we get this. Hope it looks better in the chapter.

Yamato vs Kaido:steef:. Hope we get CoC clash or something. Yamato is joining SHs:steef:
Not open for further replies.