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As a Carrot4Nakama supporter, I still like the part with Yamato. But to see Tama irritates me so much.

I hope Bao Huang will punch her right in the nose.
Or it could be an indication that strawhats will be facing stronger enemies going forward and Zoro, Sanji and Jinbei aren't enough
What indication? Just think about it: she is capable to clash with Kaido(!) and not be sent flying like any other top supernova besides Luffy. That's just insane.
And Oda simply uses plot armor if he needs a SH to succeed in any tough situation. No need to uprgade everyone with CoC that's just lame.
They don't, but do you know what scales the time? The things that happened in those chapters. And quite a bit of important things happened.
yea like After sanji gets shot through the building... franky shoots a beam at a number right after it.. and sanji is seen getting up when the number goes down..

and before this king wasn't even up with queen :
which means he was with sanji
after that we see king with queen who's intervening zoro and luffy.. so he flies up
and here the number franky shot is just going down meaning sanji was up after king crashed him and flew towards queen.

he wasn't knocked... and he didn't sound like he was knocked.. stop twisting the narrative and guage things constructively


Oda's accuser
you are sayin CoC is serious matter. Not . Because every powerful character is taking CoC. Think at some point , Sanjis bounty will be more than 1.5 1.4 billion. How people claim that sanji will not get CoC. We will see Kidd Law will get CoC . Katakuris bounty just 1 billion and he had CoC.

I mean not serious matter. If you have enough power and will , you can get CoC.
CoC was introduced as a birth feature. Unless Oda will change his own manga intrnsic odds logic that wise it won't occur most likely. It's not impossible, but improbable still. He would basically need to have a ton of coincidental factors to stick together, like so many characters put together with CoC that casually met as well as showing it just at the right time. He cannot exaggerate imo or it loses credibility. :catpole:
Strawhats other than Luffy, Zoro, Sanji are very weak and their crew will be wiped out easily by any of the Yonkos. Jimbei and Yamato is much needed addition and strawhat crew starts to look like contenders for pirate King crew and there will be less PIS in the future arcs.
No, plot armor always carried the rest of the team. So far Yamato looks even stronger than Zoro by just casually clashing with her dad in his hybrid form. It's 1vs 1 with a Yonko holy shit xddd
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