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nah i simply see no worth in arguing with someone who thinks that it's only pedophilia if the perpetrator is an old man also i can see you are preparing to rationalize how it's not pedophilia so i'm saving you from having my opinion of you fall any further.
Whatever man, keep running from my question cause you know damn well you’re cornered and you cannot answer my question otherwise it will show your hypocricy
" - CP0 comments that the battle has gone from 24,000 on the side of Kaidou Vs. 3,000 by the samurai, to 20,000 Vs. 7,000 due to the change of sides of the Pleasures and the Waiters to the side of the samurai. "
stall piece still hasn't knocked out anyone?
They could have at least thrown the temporarily knocked out pleasures into the sea...
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