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In Russia it's also legal for 16 y.o. to marry 21 or older. It's just people have to decide for themselves I guess where person is mentally mature or not to have a marriage. Also the term pedo can only apply only to a person attracted to prepubescent children (age 13 or less), and Pudding is considered a teenager. So learn the termin at least. Being attracted to teenagers isn't pedo, they do look like adults.
You're a speedreader who can't follow the plot to a shonen manga dude don't talk to me about garbage lol. Duhh why is ulti regenerating? I don't know man. You tell me it's written down pretty clear.
Yeah I am a speedreader because I don't give a flying fuck about Nami's dildo low diffing Ulti :risicheck:

Are you telling me you don't enjoy a fucking Tama chapter into a break?
Or Ulti getting back up after that hole in her stomach?
How about the fact that Jinbe has been fighting for like 20 chapters now and oda chooses to give us Tama instead of his fight.:kobeha:
You know what, 10 out of 10 chapter, let's go :hapnoel:
Don't know about that. He will do something in that regard along Momo and Onigashima has to get to the flower capital which will inevitably fall there sometime.
Oda has this theme of massive destruction for countries that are dominated by tyrants. The country usually starts from 0 and in my opinion that is what happening here, Momo will hold Onigashima for a while in my opinion.
The alliance will lose if Onigashima falls on the Flower Capital, It will symbolize the defeat and destruction of the Wano Country. That's why it will never happen.
Something has to happen before the Onigashima lands on the Flower Capital, and I hope it's not some kind of an asspull.
Man, I really want to like Yamato, but I get Mary Sue vibes from her. She feels like a modern marvel character if you know what i mean...
Yamato is trash. Big Nami with horns and 20cm bicep girth. She's nothing like Kaido.

Expecations when first hearing "Kaido's son" were simply too high. The transgender Nami with horns was just a huge disappointment.

Post TS Oda is trash, not even mid. He build the story up so greatly but is messing it up over and over again.
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