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I feel like Yamato is going to die. Her maniacal insistence to go with Luffy because Oden makes me suspicious on Oda's part. Idk. Also so far nobody was able to clash 1vs 1 with Kaido with him actually fighting back but Luffy. Holy hell Yamato is portrayed like a powerhouse with a king haki nevertheless. The supernova captains who?
Not die. But going to get nerfed definitely or put in her place, the next chapter


I'll never forgive you Oda
Yea I know. Its not the ideal Yamato - I just said I'd prefer the fanart male Yamato way more than the current. My description on how Yamato should be imo was not refering to the fanart.
I was talking on the design too. It doesn’t have any personality apart from being extreme. And we already have King filling that department with his attire.
So many atractive and awesome ladies in One Piece who are 18+, enjoy them, leave the youngins alone.

Why’s everybody shocked about Yamato power lvl?

She’s supposed to be what current Ace would be. she supposed to be stronger then nearly everybody. Zoro got a small shot at being stronger end of Wano. Sanji never had any shot at being stronger in the current story.
I don't think it's shock, it's just kinda of annoying to see a new character on the alliance side be this strong out of nowhere in the middle of the third act of an arc. We're okay with villains like this, because it raises the stakes, but when an ally is that strong out of nowhere it cheapens things a bit, it actually lowers the stakes, wich are almost 0 in Wano already. That's how i see it at least, if it's confirmed she has CoC and Advanced CoC later on.
Yamato doesn't want to be a man tho, she wants to be Oden. If he was a turtle she probably proclaimed herself a turtle too. The whole situation is just weird. People call her a trans but it's just wrong.
Oden is a man. Impersonating someone else is just not a good message to send to kids
Being yourself was a huge message of WCI, I don’t expect Oda to be a hypocrite
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