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Looks pretty dope for me. For sure million times better than the real Yamato.

Kaido's Son should be a young, male, monstrous, badass, lean and cooler looking Kaido. In that scenario it would be so cool if he works against his father and fights him now. Current Yamato is just a lil girl with daddy issues - cant take her nor Oda serious rn.
So.....you just want a younger Kaido that would join the crew for some reason. That's dumb as hell. "Just a lil girl with daddy issues". Oh so you're just a misogynist? Just say that next time. Yamato imo has a mid design because she's just Nami with white hair and horns, but her character is great.
I just think a lot of people don't understand that she worships Oden because she is desperate to have the ability and power to stand up to her father the way Oden did, because of the abuse she's received from him her whole life. The character you described would just be a lame attempt to add another badass to the crew. If you really just see Yamato as a "lil girl with daddy issues" then you might not be as smart as you think you are.
he got tired of op and left

For real, due to the break I thought it would be a banger or at least the curtains close at the end of the chapter.
Bringing Ulti back was totally unnecessary, how about skip to Tama ordering the gifters in a small panel and rather focus on making Yamato more likeable, reveal her df and have both daughter and father face off in their hybrid forms but nah gotta delay that for at least another 5 chapters let's throw more Nami and Tama in it
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Sanji D Goat

- Chapter 1.016 : "Here Tama !!"

- Nami vs Ulti. Nami wins thanks to Zeus.

Well, at least I got the Nami using Zeus to beat Ulti correct. RIP my Hera theory.:josad:
- Usopp catches Bao Huang and tells Tama to speak to the entire island for the Marys.

- Yamato vs Kaidou at the end of the chapter.

- Yamato: "I'm going to sail to sea with Luffy! But before that, let's kick you out of Wanokuni first !!"

- Kaidou: "Don't think I'm going to hold back, Yamato !!"

Let's gooo!!!!!:steef:
- Break next week.
- Yamato says that she cannot defeat Kaidou but will fight him until Luffy returns.

Of course I was right about Luffy coming back.:cheers:
- Zeus asks Nami to give him a new name. Nami calls him “Wata” (cotton) but Zeus doesn't like it and keeps calling himself Zeus

Talk about waste of time.:seriously:
- The final clash is a Haki clash between them.
Yamato fans eating good.
She is fourth stronger in alliance, Luffy,Zoro,Marco is stronger than her!
She stronger then Zoro lol, an definitely Marco. Current “Ace” should be above anybody in the alliance.
I don't think it's shock, it's just kinda of annoying to see a new character on the alliance side be this strong out of nowhere in the middle of the third act of an arc. We're okay with villains like this, because it raises the stakes, but when an ally is that strong out of nowhere it cheapens things a bit, it actually lowers the stakes, wich are almost 0 in Wano already. That's how i see it at least, if it's confirmed she has CoC and Advanced CoC later on.
I mean at the current moment, Kaido still completely unbeatable. That’s without addressing the up hill battle against Meme. Someone else was always needed in the end. People just want admirals/BB, instead we got an Ace parallel. logically speaking current Ace at least current luffy lvl. So in the end nothing truly wrong with Yamato strength.
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